Composer: Dave Stamper
Lyricist: Gene Buck

Opened: March 8, 1920, New Amsterdam Roof Theatre, N.Y.C.
Performances: 78

Note: This show was also known as ZIEGFELD’S NINE O’CLOCK REVUE.

My Man (M: Maurice Yvain; L: Channing Pollock) (also used in ZIEGFELD FOLLIES OF 1921, ZIEGFELD 9 O’CLOCK FROLIC (1920) (9th EDITION), and ZIEGFELD MIDNIGHT FROLIC (1st 1929 EDITION)):

I have not attempted to compile discographical information for this standard beyond original cast member performances.
1. 78/Victor 45263 (Fanny Brice with orchestra) [reissued on Original Cast! The Early Years, CD/Metropolitan Opera MET 801CD]
2. 78/Victor 21168 (Fanny Brice with orchestra) [reissued on Great Personalities Of Broadway, RCA Camden (M) CAL-745]
3. The Great Ziegfeld, CIF-3005 (Fanny Brice with orchestra conducted by Arthur Lange) [reissued on That’s Entertainment!, CD/Turner Classic Movies R2 72192]
4. The Original Torch Singers, Take Two (M) TT-207 (Fanny Brice) (two versions)
5. Great Musicals Of The 30’s: The Ziegfeld Follies Of The Air, Nostalgia Special Release (M) 001 (Fanny Brice) [reissued on Hollywood Talkies: The First 15 Years, CD/Nostalgia NOS 3681]
6. Stars Of The Ziegfeld Follies, Pelican 102 (Fanny Brice)

Unrecorded Material:

Emancipation Day
Every Telephone (Telephone Song)
I’m Crazy About Somebody
Metropolitan Ladies (M/L: Irving Berlin) (also used in ZIEGFELD 9 O’CLOCK FROLIC (9th EDITION))
My Rosary Of Melodies (also used in ZIEGFELD 9 O’CLOCK FROLIC (9th EDITION))
Orchard Of Girls (L: Rennold Wolf)
We Are The Maids Of The Merry Merry
When Grandpa Was A Boy
Where Are The Plays Of Yesterday
The Winter Beaches
Wonderful Girl
You Know What I Mean