(Spring Edition)

Composer: Various
Lyricist: Gene Buck

Opened: March 10, 1925, New Amsterdam Theatre and closed on July 4, 1925
Performances: 127

Note: An unidentified song was added to the second act during the show’s run.

Biminy (M: Dave Stamper) (originally used in ZIEGFELD FOLLIES OF 1924):

1. 78/Carnival 11414 (Harry Voltaire’s Voice Of Central Park Orchestra) [also 78/Broadway 11414]
2. 78/Victor 19429 (George Olsen and His Music)

Lonely Little Melody (M: Dave Stamper) (originally used in ZIEGFELD FOLLIES OF 1924)

1. 78/Edison 51379 R (Atlantic Dance Orchestra)
2. 78/Cameo 577 (Arthur Langee and His Orchestra)
3. 78/Brunswick 2669 (Ray Miller and His Orchestra)
4. 78/Victor 19414 (Paul Whiteman and His Orchestra)

Titina (Je Cherche Apres Titine) (M Leo Daniderff) (originally used in the post-Broadway tour of ARTISTS AND MODELS OF 1924 and in PUZZLES OF 1925; also used in the revised Summer Edition):

1. 78/Starr 8323 (Franklyn Baur with Ben Selvin’s Orchestra) [also 78/Apex 8323]
2. 78/Brunswick 2835 (Carl Fenton’s Orchestra)
3. 78/Edison 51519 (Billy Wayne’s Greenwich Village Inn Orchestra)
4. 78/Tremont 0527 (Tremont Dance Orchestra)
5. 78/Victor 19586 (Arthur Hall with the International Novelty Orchestra)
6. 78/Victor 19640 (Billy Murray with orchestra)
7. 78/Vocalion 14979 (Ben Bernie and His Hotel Roosevelt Orchestra)
8. 78/Victor 20-4103 (The Three Beaus and A Peep with the Irving Fields Trio0
9. 78/Harmony 15 H (Billy Jones with The Promenaders)
10. Dimensions In Sound/Tribute To Chaplin, CD/Dutton Vocalion 4278 (Stanley Black with The London Festival Orchestra and Chorus)
11. A Night At Casino De Paris, CD/EPM 995492 (Mistinguett)
12. Montand, CD/Universal 5429202 (Yves Montand)
13. Gypsy Jazz, CD/Primo Records PRMCD 6093 (Henri Crolla Sa Guitare et Son Ensemble)
14. Tribal Musette, CD/Sunnyside 283078 (Dominique Cravic with Les Primitifs Du Futur)
15. Les Chansons De Ces Annees-La: 1914-1918, CD/Forlane 19171 (Marcelly)
16. Jacques Helian Et Son Orchestre, CD/EMI 8560032 (Jacques Helian et Son Orchestre)
17. Grands Succes De Toujours, Vol. 1, CD/EPM  982012 (Francis Lemarque)

When Nathan Was Married To Rose Of Washington Square (M: Dave Stamper) (not in programs):

1. 78/Columbia 455-D (Willie Howard with studio orchestra) [reissued on From Avenue A To The Great White Way, CD/Columbia Legacy C2K 86323]

Unrecorded Material:

The Beauty Contest (M: Victor Herbert; Harry Tierney; L: Joseph J. McCarthy)(originally used in ZIEGFELD FOLLIES OF 1924)>
Bertie (M: Sigmund Romberg; L: Clifford Grey) (added after opening; cut during the run of the revised Summer Edition)
Ever-Loving Bee (M: Dave Stamper) (cut from ZIEGFELD FOLLIES OF 1923; also used in ZIEGFELD FOLLIES OF 1924 (Fall Edition))
Everyone Knows What Jazz Is (M: Werner Janssen)
I’d Like To Corral A Gal (M: Raymond Hubbell)
I’m Going To Wait Until The Right One Comes Along (M: Werner Janssen)
Pearl Of The East (scene) (M: Raymond Hubbell) (also used in the revised Summer Edition; originally used in ZIEGFELD FOLLIES  OF 1924)
Settle Down In A Little Town (M: Werner Janssen) (not in programs)
Someone, Someday, Somewhere (M: Rudolf Friml)
Toddle Along (M: Werner Janssen) (also used in the revised Summer Edition)
Tondelayo (M: Dave Stamper; L: Gene Buck; Jack Osterman) (not in programs)
The Waltz Of Love (also used in the revised Summer Edition)