Composer: Irving Berlin
Lyricist: Irving Berlin

Opened: June 22, 1920, New Amsterdam Theatre, N.Y.C.
Performances: 123

All She’d Say Was Um Hum (M/L: Mac Emery; Joe Schenck; Gus Van; King Zany) (not in programs):

1. 78/Columbia A-3319 (Gus Van and Joe Schenck) [reissued on Phonographic Yearbook: 1921 - Make Believe And Smile, CD/Archeophone ARCH 9002A]
2. 78/Crown K 27 (Ernest Hare with orchestra) [also 78/Arto 9027]
3. 78/Brunswick 2063 (Billy Jones and Ernest Hare with orchestra)
4. 78/Brunswick 5052 (Isham Jones Orchestra)
5. 78/Okeh 4222 (Billy Jones and Ed. Smalle with orchestra)
6 . 78/Castle 1215 (Gus Van)
7. 45/Decca 9-29568 (Bing Crosby with Les Brown and His Band Of Renown) [reissued on Through The Years, Vol. 8: 1954-1955, CD/Sepia 1178]

Any Place Would Be Wonderful With You (M: Dave Stamper; L: Gene Buck):

1. 78/Columbia A 6166 (Yerkes Jazarimba Orchestra)


1. 78/Columbia A-2972 (Art Hickman Orchestra) [reissued on The Ultimate Irving Berlin Volume II, CD/Pearl GEM 0117]
2. 78/Victor 35698 (Joseph Smith’s Orchestra)
3. 78/Lyric 4225 (Selvin’s Novelty Orchestra) [also 78/Bell 9015]
4. 78/Edison 50705 L (Harry Raderman’s Jazz Orchestra)
5. 78/Vocalion 14117 (Sherbo’s Orchestra)

(The) Girls Of My Dreams:

1. 78/Victor 18687 (John Steel) [reissued on The Ultimate Irving Berlin Volume II, CD/Pearl GEM 0117]
2. 78/Okeh 4182 (Mike Rega Dance Orchestra)
3. 78/Path 40208 (Della Robbia Orchestra directed by Max Fells)
4. This Is The Life!, CD/New World Records 80773-2 (Paragon Ragtime Orchestra directed by Rick Benjamin)

Hold Me (M/L: Ben Black; Art Hickman) (added after opening)                                                                                                                                                                                                :

1. 78/Columbia A-2899 (Art Hickman Orchestra with Hickman and Ellis, piano duet)
2. 78/Gennett 9061 (Cordes Orchestra)
3. 78/Path 22363 (All Star Trio) [78/Emerson 10258]
4. 78/Paramount 20019 (Selvin’s Novelty Orchestra)
5. 78/Lyric 4221 (Waldorf-Astoria Dance Orchestra)
6. 78/Okeh 4166 (Joseph Samuel’s Jazz Band)
7. 78/Victor 18682 (Palace Trio)

I Was A Florodora Baby (M: Harry Carroll; L: Ballard Macdonald) (added after opening) (originally used in ZIEGFELD MIDNIGHT FROLIC OF 1920):

1. Legends Of The Musical Stage, Take Two (M) TT-104 (Fanny Brice) [reissued on Makin’ Whoopee, CD/Pro-Arte Records CDD-460]

I’m A Terrible Squaw (I’m An Indian (M: Leo Edwards; L: Blanche Merrill) (added for the subsequent national tour):

1. 78/Victor 45303 (Fanny Brice with orchestra) [reissued on Music From The New York Stage 1890-1920, Vol. 4: 1917-1920, CD/Pearl GEMM 9059]
2. Dedicated to That Wonderful Funny Girl … Fanny Brice, Coronet (S) CXS-237 (Barbara Brown)                    
3. Kaye Ballard Sings Fanny Brice, CD/Original Cast 9364 (Kaye Ballard)
4. Boop Boop Be Doop, CD/Pro-Arte Records 440 (Betty Boop) (unverified)
5. One Night With Fanny Brice, CD/Original Cast OC3831 (Kimberly Faye Greenberg with Mark Goodman, piano, and Jonathan Russell, violin)

The Love Boat (M: Victor Herbert; L: Gene Buck) :

1. 78/Victor 18695 (John Steel with orchestra conducted by  Rosario Bourdon) [reissued on The Operetta World Of Victor Herbert, JJA (M) 1980-5]
2. 78/Columbia A 6165 (Prince’s Dance Orchestra)
3. 78/Operaphone 21187 (Elliott Shaw with orchestra)
4. 78/Brunswick 2048 (Carl Fenton’s Orchestra)
5. Collected Songs, CD/New World 80726-2 (Jeanne Lehman with William Hicks, piano)
6. A Treasury Of Early Musical Comedy, CD/AEI AEI-CD 014 (Ensemble)

Marimba (M: Johnny Black; L: Cliff Hess; Howard Johnson) (not in programs; also used in GREENWICH VILLAGE FOLLIES (1920)):

1. 78/Columbia A 3336 (Gus Van and Joe Schenck with orchestra)
2. 78/Columbia A 3378 (Vernon Country Club Band)
3. 78/Victor 35707 (All Star Trio and Their Orchestra)
4. 78/Victor 18723 (Billy Murray with orchestra)

My Home Town Is A One Horse Town (But It’s Big Enough For Me) (M: Abner Silver; L: Alex Gerber) (not in programs):

1. Songs From By The Light Of The Silvery Moon And Other Selections,  CD/Sepia 1040 (Gordon MacRae with Chorus and Orchestra conducted by Axel Stordahl)

My Midnight Frolic Girl (M/L: Ben Black; Art Hickman) (added after opening):

1. 78/Brunswick 2049 (Vernon Trio)

Noah’s Wife Lived A Wonderful Life (M: Ernie Erdman; Abe Olman; L: Jack Yellen; Roger Lewis) (not in programs):

1. 78/Okeh 6212 (Tiny Hill, vocal, with Tiny Hill and His Orchestra)
2. 78/Emerson 10200 (Eddie Cantor with orchestra) [reissued on The Early Days 1917-1921, CD/Original Cast 9872]
3. 78/Okeh 05891 (Hoosier Hot Shots) [reissued on The Definitive Hoosier Hotshots Collection, CD/Collectors’ Choice Music 378]

O-H-I-O (aka “Down By The Ohio”) (M: Abe Olman; L: Jack Yellen) (not in programs; also used in GEORGE WHITE’S SCANDALS (1920) and MIDNIGHT ROUNDERS OF 1920):

1. 78/Columbia A 3361 (Al Jolson with orchestral accompaniment) [reissued on Let Me Sing And I’m Happy, CD/Dynamic 2950]
2. 78/Columbia A 3376 (The Happy Six)
3. 78/Arto 9055 (Billy Jones)
4. 78/Edison 50739 (Max Fells’ Della Robbia Orchestra)
5 . 78/Victor 18723 (Billy Murray and Victor Roberts with orchestra)
6 . 78/Varsity 8307 (Buddy Moreno with Griff Williams and His Stevens Hotel Orchestra)
7. 78/Decca 3065 (Andrews Sisters with Vic Schoen and His Orchestra) [reissued on Rum & Coca-Cola: The Best Of The Andrews Sisters, CD/Sony 5106052]
8. 78/Columbia 39821 (The Toe Tappers with Art Lowry, his piano, and orchestra)
9. 78/Path 22499 (Bennie Krueger and His Orchestra)
10. 78/Bluebird B 10710 (The Smoothies with orchestra)
11. 78/Bluebird B 10738 (Mary Ann Mercer with Mitchell Ayres and His Fashions-In-Music)
12. 78/Regal 913 (Billy Clark and orchestra)
13. 78/Okeh 5646 (Bailey Sisters with Ben Bernie and His Orchestra)
14. 78/Vocalion 05547 (Hoosier Hotshots) [reissued on Rural Jazz, CD/Millenium Music 011]
15. 78/Okeh 4298 (Jack Strouse with orchestra)
16. 78/Vocalion 14151 (Aileen Stanley with orchestral accompaniment)
17. On Campus, Unknown label (The Starlighters)
18. Down The River Of Golden Dream, CD/GNP/Crescendo 2106 (Moms & Dads)
19. Brownies Stomp, CD/Proper P 1333 (Milton Brown and His Musical Brownies)
20. Hits of ’21: Ain’t We Got Fun?, CD/ASV/Living Era 5521 (Al Jolson)
21. September Song, CD/Natasha Imports NI 4026 (Jimmy Durante)
22. Gaslight Varieties, CD/Reader’s Digest Music (unknown performer)
23. Not Your Standard Spike Jones Collection, CD/Collectors’ Choice Music CCM 3292 (Spike Jones)
24. Chesterfield Broadcasts, CD/BMG 380578 (The Andrews Sisters with Glenn Miller and His Orchestra)
25. Let The Band Play, CD/Vocalion 6076 (Jack White and His Orchestra)
26. Up North, Down South, CD/Jasmine JASCD 194 (Jaye P. Morgan)
A radio transcription performed by the Jimmy Palmer Orchestra is also known to exist.

The Syncopated Vamp (cut after opening):

1. 78/Vocalion 14090 (Joe Thomas’ Sax-O-Tette)

Tell Me, Little Gypsy:

1. 78/Victor 18687 (John Steel with orchestra conducted by Joseph Pasternack) [reissued on The Ultimate Irving Berlin Volume II, CD/Pearl GEM 0117]
2. 78/Columbia A-2972 (Art Hickman Orchestra) [reissued on The Ultimate Irving Berlin Volume II, CD/Pearl GEM 0117]
3. 78/Victor 35698 (Joseph Smith’s Orchestra)
4. 78/Lyric 4225 (Selvin’s Novelty Orchestra) [also 78/Crown K 15; 78/Bell 9015]
5. 78/Okeh 4812 (Mike Rega Dance Orchestra)
6. 78/Path 40208 (Della Robbia Orchestra directed by Max Fells)
7. 78/Emerson 10245 (Vernon Trio)
8. 78/Decca 2694 (Paul Whiteman’s Woodwinds)
9. 78/Brunswick 2042 (Wiedoeft-Wadsworth Quartet)
10. Song Hits Of 1920, Decca DL 5163  (Nat Brandwynne Orchestra)
11. The Follies Girl, Decca (M) DL-8495 (Bill Snyder Orchestra)
12. Stage Left – Stage Right,  Columbia (M) CL 1662 (orchestra conducted by Jack Pleis)                           
13. She’s So Beautiful: Irving Berlin Songs For Florenz Ziegfeld 1910-1927 And Other Songs From 1919-1921, CD/Oakton ORCD0007 (Benjamin Sears with Bradford Conner, piano)
14. Saxophone Soctette, CD/Basta 9099 (The Beau Hunks)
15. This Is The Life!, CD/New World Records 80773-2 (Paragon Ragtime Orchestra directed by Rick Benjamin)
14. Irving Berlin: In Person, CD/Garret Mountain Records GMRD CDP 0113 (Jed Peterson with accompaniment by Richard Danley)
15. Chip Deffaa's Irving Berlin Rediscovered: Rare Songs Of Love And Longing, CD/Garrett Mountain Records CDP JT 1018 (Magnus Tonning Riise with musical direction by Richard Danley)
Radio transcriptions performed by Bob Grant’s Orchestra, Norman Cloutier Orchestra, and the Wladimir Selinsky Sinfonietta are also known to exist.

When The Right One Comes Along (Chiffon Fantasie) (M: Victor Herbert; L: Gene Buck):

1. Collected Songs, CD/New World 80726-2 (Rebecca Luker, Jason Bratton, Christopher Cazwell, Chris Carfizzi, and David Winkworth with William Hicks, piano)

Where Do Mosquitos Go (In The Wintertime)? (M: Harry Tierney; L: Joseph McCarthy) (cut after opening):

1. 78/Bluebird B 10773 (Wingy Manone and Chorus with Wingy Manon and His Orchestra) [reissued on The Chronological Wingy Manone And His Orchestra 1939-1940, CD/Classics 1023]
An unverified radio transcription performed by the Fields & Hall Mountaineers is also known to exist.

Unrecorded Material:

Chinese Fireworks (aka “Chinese Firecrackers” and “Chinese Fantasy”)
Colonial Dance (M: Dave Stamper)
Come Along Sextet  (aka “Come Along”) (added after opening)
Creation (inst.) (M: Victor Herbert)
Every Blossom I See Reminds Me Of You (M/L: Eddie Cantor) (not in programs)
Every Blossom I See Reminds Me Of You (scene) (M: Victor Herbert) (sheet music only)
Everybody Tells It To Sweeney (And Sweeney Tells It To Me) (M: George Fairman; L: Sidney D. Mitchell) (not in programs)
Finale (Act 1)
Finale (Act 2)
The Girl Of My Dreams (unused; early version of “The Girls Of My Dreams”)
Grand Finale (added for the subsequent tour)
Green River (M: Eddie Cantor; L: Gus Van; Joe Schenck) (not in programs)
Her First Lesson (scene) (M: Victor Herbert)
I Found A Baby On My Door Step (M/L: Unknown) (M/L: Eddie Cantor) (not in programs)
I Live In Turkey (cut; no music survives)
I’m A Vamp From East Broadway (M/L: Bert Kalmar; Harry Ruby)
It’s The Smart Little Feller Who Stocked Up His Cellar, That Getting The Beautiful Girls (M: Milton Ager; L: Grant Clarke) (not in programs)
The Leg Of Nations
Little Follies Theatre-During Intermission (sketch)
Mary And Doug (M: Dave Stamper; L: Gene Buck)
Poor Florodora Girl (cut after opening)
(They’re) So Hard To Keep When They’re Beautiful (M: Harry Tierney; L: Joseph McCarthy) (cut after opening)
Stage Door Song (unused?; no music survives)
Sunshine And Shadows (M: Dave Stamper; L: Gene Buck) (dropped for the subsequent national tour)                                                                                                                                                                       
Turkey (unused; no music survives; forerunner of “I Live In Turkey”)
Two Rubes (sketch with songs) (added for the subsequent tour)