Composers: Raymond Hubbell; Maurice Levi
Lyricist: George V. Hobart

Opened: June 26, 1911, Jardin De Paris Theatre, N.Y.C.
Performances: 80

Doggone That Chili Man (M/L: Irving Berlin) (originally used in JARDIN DE  PARIS):

1. Chip Deffaa's Irving Berlin Songbook: Rare And Unrecorded Songs, CD/Garret Mountain Records GMRD CDP 0729 (Chloe Brooks with musical direction by Richard Danley)

Ephraham (Played Upon The Piano) (M: Irving Berlin; L: Vincent Bryan) (originally used in JARDIN DE PARIS):

1. Brooks Kerr Salutes Irving Berlin, Bluewail (S) BWLP 1002 (Brooks Kerr, piano and vocals, Sonny Greer, drums)
2. Chip Deffaa’s Irving Berlin: Ragtime Rarities, CD/Garret Mountain Records CDP MJ 0314 (Mary Cantoni Johnson with musical direction by Richard Danley)

My Beautiful Lady (M: Ivan Caryll; L: C.M.S. McLellan) (not in programs; originally used in THE PINK LADY):

1. 78/Victor 31823 (Victor Light Opera Company) [also 78/Victor 35423; [reissued on Broadway Through The Gramophone – Volume II, CD/Pearl GEMS 0083]
2.  78/Columbia A 1008 (Idelle Patterson with orchestra)
3. 78/Victor 22117 (The Troubadors)
4. 78/Victor 24450 (Jesse Crawford, organ)
5. 78/Victor 27721 (Dick Leibert, organ)
6. 78/Victor 60040 (Lucy Isabelle Marsh and the Victor Chorus with orchestra) [reissued on Memories Of Old Broadway, CD/Take Two TT510CD]
7. Arthur Murray’s Favorite Waltzes, 45EP/Capitol EBF 262 (Francis Scott Orchestra)
8. Serenade To A Lady, RCA Victor (M) LPM-1216 (Wayne King Orchestra)
9. Stage Musicals: Strike Up The Band, CD/Larrikin D24103 (Max Oldaker)
10. Fascinating Nights, Vol. 1, CD/Operetta Archives OA 1012 (Robin De Leon and Julie Wright with Victoria Kirsch, piano)
11. Edwardian Echoes, CD/Chandos 9110 (Marilyn Hill Smith with the Southern Festival Orchestra directed by Robin White)
12. The Golden Age Of Light Music: Beyond The Blue Horizon, CD/Guild Light Music GLCD 5129 (Melachrino Strings & Orchestra)
13. British Light Music Classics, Vol. 3, CD/Hyperion 67148 (New London Orchestra conducted by Ronald Corp)
14. Dancing On A Summer Lawn, CD/Dal Segno (DSPRCD 401 (Palm Court Orchestra)
Radio transcriptions performed by Max Hollander and the Salon Concert Players, the Allen Roth Orchestra, the Daniel Lieberfeld Orchestra, and Andre Kostelanetz and His Orchestra are also known to exist.

Shine On Harvest Moon (M: Nora Bays; M/L: Jack Norworth) (not in program; originally used in ZIEGFELD FOLLIES OF 1908):

I have not attempted to compile discographical information for this standard.

Texas Tommy (Swing) (M/L: Sid Brown; Val Harris):

1. CYL/Edison 1017 (Billy Murray and Chorus) [reissued on Comic Songs By Billy Murray & Co. Vol. 4 - The Ragtime Era, CAS/Vintage Music Productions]
2. 78/Columbia A 1073 (Arthur Collins and Byron G. Harlan with orchestra)
3. 78/Victor 17079-B (American Quartet)
4. Rising Star, CD/Stomp Off 1274 (Tom Brier)

The Widow Wood (M: Maurice Levi; L: Channing Pollock; Rennold Wolf):

1. 78/Columbia A 1024 (Columbia Quartette with orchestral accompaniment)

Woodman, Woodman, Woodman Spare That Tree (M: Irving Berlin; L: Vincent Bryan) (originally used in JARDIN DE PARIS) (not in programs):

1. CYL/Amberol 4M-837 (Bob Roberts)
2. 78/Columbia A-1321 (Bert Williams) [reissued on Music From The New York Stage Vol. 2: 1908-1913, CD/Pearl GEMM CDS 9053-5]
3. 78/Victor 16909 (Bob Roberts)
4. 78/ARA 153 (Phil Harris, vocal, with Phil Harris and His Orchestra) [also 78/Okeh 6325; 78/Victor 20-2075; 78/Victor 20-2683; 78/Vocalion 3466; reissued on My Kind Of Country, CD/Pearl Flapper PASTCD 7831]
5. 78/Victor 26779 (“Broadway” Jones with the Victor Salon Orchestra directed by Nathaniel Shilkret)
6. Brooks Kerr Salutes Irving Berlin, Bluewail (S) BWLP 1002 (Brooks Kerr, piano and vocals, Sonny Greer, drums)
7. She’s So Beautiful: Irving Berlin Songs For Florenz Ziegfeld 1910-1927 And Other Songs From 1919-1921, CD/Oakton ORCD0007 (Benjamin Sears with Bradford Conner, piano)
8. Ha! Ha!: 24 Great Comedy Songs, CD/Prism 443 (unknown performer)
A radio transcription performed by Arthur Fields, vocal, with Fields and Hall, is also known to exist.

Unrecorded Material:

The Bumble Bee (M: James B. Blyker; L: A. Donnelly; Jean Havez)
Cake Walk (inst.) (M: Raymond Hubbell) (not in programs)
The Girl In Pink (M: Raymond Hubbell)
How Would You Like To Be My Pony? (M: Raymond Hubbell) (not in programs)
I’m A Crazy Daffy-Dill (M: Jerome Kern; L: Bessie McCoy)
The Imitation Rag
It Was Me (M: Seymour Furth; L: George W. Day) (not in programs)
Kiss Duet (added for the subsequent tour)
New York (You’re The Best Town In Europe) (M: Raymond Hubbell; L: Raymond W. Peck)
Opening Chorus (Act 2, Scene 1) (selection from H.M.S. Pinafore) (M: Arthur Gilbert; L: W.S. Gilbert)
Pots And Pans (M: Jean Schwartz; L: Charles Grapewin) (not in programs)
Take Care, Little Girl, Take Care (M: Raymond Hubbell)
That’s Harmony (M: Bert Williams; L: Grant Clarke) (not in programs)
Turkey Gobbler’s Ball (M: James B. Blyer; L: A. Donnelly; Jean Havez) (not in prgrams)
Whippoorwill (Never Again For Me) (M: James Blyler; L: Barney Fagan) (not in programs)
You’ve Built A Fire Down In My Heart (M/L: Irving Berlin) (originally used in JARDIN DE PARIS; also used in THE FASCINATING WIDOW)