Composer: George M. Cohan
Lyricist: George M. Cohan

Opened: April 20, 1908, Knickerbocker Theatre, N.Y.C. and closed on July 11, 1908; reopened on August 3, 1908
Performances: 112

Note: An unidentified selection appears on 78/Victor 16070 (Arthur Pryor’s Band).

The A-B-Cs Of The U.S.A.:

1. 78/Victor 5502 (Ada Jones and Billy Murray with orchestra)

I Say, Flo:

1. 78/Victor matrix trial 1916-09-28-02 (Morton Harvey and Jack King with piano)

I’m Awfully Strong For You:

1. 78/Victor matrix B-10265 (George M. Cohan with orchestra)
2. 78/Victor 20-2271 (Delta Rhythm Boys) [reissued on Jump & Jive ‘Til One O’Clock: Anthology, Vol. 2 (1947-1950), CD/Dee-Jay BB55109]
3. 45/Coral 9-61887 (The Lancers)

(Cohan’s) Rag Babe (New Kind Of Two Step):

1. 78/Victor 5483 (Arthur Collins) [reissued on Real Ragtime: Disc Recordings From Its Heyday, CD/Archeophone ARCH 1001A]
2. 78/Columbia A 583 (Arthur Collins and Byron G. Harlan with orchestral accompaniment)
3. 78/Columbia A 599 (Prince’s Military Band)
4. Whatever Happened To 1910?, Amercian Eagle (S) AES-1 (Ted Bowers ande Patricia Armstrong and the American Eagle orchestra)

Yankee Doodle Come To Town (Yankee Doodle’s Come To Town):

1. 78/Victor 5504 (Billy Murray and the Haydn Quartet with orchestra)
2. 78/Columbia A 583 (Billy Murray and Chorus with orchestral accompaniment)

The Yankee Prince March & Two-Step (inst.) (sheet music only):

1. 78/Victor 16306 (Arthur Pryor’s Band)

Unrecorded Material:

The American Idea (cut)
Characteristic Waltz (Yankee Prince Waltz) (inst.) (M: Charles J. Gebest)
Come On Down Town
The Dancing Ceremony (cut)
From The Land Of (My) Dreams
I’m Going To Marry A Nobleman
Nothing New Beneath The Sun (cut; originally used in the 1903 revival of THE GOVERNOR’S SON and also used in LITTLE JOHNNY JONES and THE HONEYMOONERS)
Opening Chorus (Act 3)
Showing The Yankees London Town
Soldiers Of The King
A Song Of The King
Think It Over Carefully
Tommy Atkins, You’re All Right
Villains In The Play