Composer: Howard Talbot
Lyricist: Arthur Anderson

Opened: August 31, 1905, Criterion Theatre, London
Performances: 179

Note: Unidentified selections appear on 78/Zonophone X4012-3 (London Regimental Band).

Bill’s A Liar (M: Jerome Kern; L: Paul West):

1. Jerome Kern: Lost Treasures, CD/Centaur CRC2371 (Anne Sciolla with Brian Kovach, piano)
2. The Land Where The Good Songs Go, CD/PS Classics PS-1211 (Heidi Blickenstaff and Rebecca Luker with music conducted by David Loud)

Mammy’s Pickaninny:

1. 78/Favorite 1-66027 (Marie George with piano accompaniment)

O Wandering Breeze:

1. 78/Favorite 1-66016 (Isabel Jay with orchestral accompaniment)

Unrecorded Material:

As You Have Accepted My Suggestion
The Butterfly And The Flower
Down By An Old Plantation Homestead
Finale Act I
Finale Act II
A Hint
Hide And Seek
I Just Couldn’t Do Without You (M: Jerome Kern; L: Paul West)
I’ve Never Been In Love Before
I’ve Traversed The Sea From A Far Distant Shore
Introduction To Act II
It Was Just An Old-World Village
Just When-ee Day Is Dawning
The Latest News
Little Japanesee If You Wishee Pleasee
The Love Of A Maid Of A Man
The Only Pebble On The Beach
Prelude To Act III
Suppose We Settle Down And Take A House In Town
There’s A Dear Little Lady I Love
Time Was When My Love Was Kind To Me
We’ve Got To Settle The Parson
When Little Boys And Girls Are Good)
When You Are My Very Own
A White Chrysanthemum
You Can’t Please Everybody Always (M: Rolan Macurtha)