Composer: Frank Loesser
Lyricist: Frank Loesser

Opened: October 11, 1948, St. James Theatre, NYC
Performances: 792

Note: Only numbers not found on the original Broadway cast album are noted below.

The Bee (cut):

1. Lost In Boston III, CD/Varese Sarabande VSD-5563 (Guy Haines with musical direction by Tom Fay)

Don't Introduce Me To That Angel (cut; later used with slight lyric changes as "Jenny Kissed Me" in the stage version of HANS CHRISTIAN ANDERSEN):

1. The Wonderful Sound Of Hans Christian Andersen, Pye (S) NSPL 41042 (Ken Moule and his Radio Orchestra)
2. Hans Christian Andersen, Pye (S) NSPL 18451 (Tommy Steel with orchestra conducted by Michael Reed) (as "Jenny Kissed Me") [reissued as CD/Marble Arch CMA CD 119]
3. Hans Andersen, Pye (S) NSPL 18551 (Tommy Steel with orchestra conducted by Michael Reed) (as "Jenny Kissed Me") [reissued as CD/DRG 13116]
4. Songs From The Show Hans Andersen, Sliverline (S) DJSL.041 (Martin Jay with orchestra conducted by Dave Gold) (as "Jenny Kissed Me")
5. Hans Andersen, Music For Pleasure (S) MFP 50200 (Bernard Cribbins with the Harry Robinson Orchestra) (as "Jenny Kissed Me") [reissued on The Very Best of Bernard Cribbins, CD/EMI Gold 5786582]

Saunter Away (cut):

1. Loesser By Loesser, CD/DRG 5170 (Jo Sullivan Loesser and Emily Loesser with Colin Romoff, piano, and rhythm accompaniment)

The Years Before Us:

1.Charley's Aunt, ECNAD (M) 216 (male chorus) (taken from soundtrack)
2. Where's Charley?, Crest CP 12-10A/B (male chorus)

Your Own College Band (cut):

1. Lost In Boston III, CD/Varese Sarabande VSD-5563 (Walter Willison with Paul Blankenship, Tim Ewing, Gannon McHale, and Dan Shaheen with muscal direction by Tom Fay)

Unrecorded Songs:

Culture And Breeding (aka "The Argument") (cut)
The Train That Brought You To Town (cut)

N.B. Some authorities suggest that the song "A Tune For Humming" was cut from the score of this musical. The Complete Lyrics Of Frank Loesser, however, do not attribute this lyric to WHERE'S CHARLEY?, and the song bears a copyright date approximately a year or more earlier than the other songs of the score, though it is possible that Loesser considered interpolating the song into the score at some point. It has, however, been included in some stage productions of HANS CHRISTIAN ANDERSEN, and recordings of this song can be found in the entry on this site for that show.