Composer: Charles Strouse
Lyricist: Lee Adams

Opened: 1954, possibly at Green Mansions, Chestertown, NY
Performances: Unknown

The Right Kind Of Love (From The Wrong Kind Of Guy) (previously used in WHAT'S THE RUSH (1954)):

1. 45/ABC- Paramount 45-9733 (Annette Warren)
2. 45/Coral 9-61964 (Georgia Brown with orchestra conducted by Manny Albam)

The Sphinx Won't Tell:

1. 45/Cadence 1260 (The Four Esquires with orchestra conducted by Archie Bleyer)
2. 45/Columbia 45-DB 4587 (The Beverly Sisters with accompaniment directed by Geoff Love)
3. Best Riffs Only, CD/Box 233 (The Krayolas)

Tame Me (previously used in FRESH AIRS (1950) and WHAT'S THE RUSH (1956)):

1. 45ABC-Paramount 45-9657 (Annette Warren with orchestra conducted by Don Costa)
2. Comfort Me With Apples, RCA Victor (M) LPM 1943 (India Adams with Ray Martin and his Orchestra)

Unrecorded Material:

Conversation (subsequently used in WHAT'S THE RUSH (1956))
Downtown (subsequently used in ZIEGFELD FOLLIES OF 1956, WHAT'S THE RUSH (1956), and MEDIUM RARE)
Finale (likely used in WHAT'S THE RUSH (1956))
Happy Hollywood
The Heart Of A Girl
Let's Fly Away (previously used in FRESH AIRS (1950))
The Peasant King (subsequently used in WHAT'S THE RUSH (1956))
Romantic Night
To Get Us All Together (previously used in FRESH AIRS (1950))
Too Bad We Couldn't Fall In Love (subsequently used in WHAT'S THE RUSH (1956))
What's The Rush (subsequently used in WHAT'S THE RUSH (1956))
When You Grow Up