Composer: Dean Fuller except as indicated
Lyricist: Marshall Barer except as indicated

Opened: July 12, 1954 in Houston, Texas

Better Than Dreaming (cut after Houston):

1. The Time Has Come!: The Songs Of Marshall Barer, CD/Painted Smiles PSCD-123 (Andrea Marcovicci with accompaniment by Glen Mehrbach)

Get Married Shirley (cut) (C: Albert Selden; L: Burt Shevelove) [previously used in SMALL WONDER and in A MONTH OF SUNDAYS]:

1. I Can Cook Too, Dolphin 2 (Nancy Walker with David Baker at the piano) [reissued as Broadway Bombshell, Stet 2002; My Square Laddie/I Can Cook Too, CD/Sepia 1090]

I'll Dance You [later used in ONCE OVER LIGHTLY]:

1. 45/Mercury 5351-X45 (Eddy Howard and his Orchestra)
This recording has music by Alec Wilder but seemingly uses substantially the same Barer lyric.

It's Silk (It's Silk, Feel It) [also used in ONCE OVER LIGHTLY and ZIEGFELD FOLLIES (1958)]:

1. Comfort Me With Apples, RCA Victor (S) LSP-1943 (India Adams with Ray Martin and his Orchestra)
2. Good Night Irene, CD/ (Irene Soderberg)

Roller-Coaster Blues (cut after Houston):

1. The Time Has Come!: The Songs Of Marshall Barer, CD/Painted Smiles PSCD-123 (Marshall Barer accompanied by Norman Paris)
2. Live At The Café Carlyle, Atlantic (S) SD 2-609 (Bobby Short, piano and voice, with Beverly Peer, bass, and Richard Sheridan, drums) [reissued as CD/Collectables 771]
3. I Wonder What Became Of Me, Epic N-3280 (Anita Ellis) [reissued as CD/Collectables 6891]
4. Swinging Dors, Columbia (S) CS-8232 (Diana Dors with orchestra directed by Wally Stott) [reissued as CD/Castle Music CMFCD1554]

Yesterday I Loved You [lyric substantially reused with different music by Mary Rodgers in ONCE UPON A MATTRESS]:

1. Once Upon A Mattress, Kapp 7004 (Allen Case and Anne Jones with musical direction by Hal Hastings) [reissued as CD/MCA MCAD-10768]
2. Once Upon A Mattress, Stet (M) DS 15026 (Patricia Lambert and Bill Newman with musical direction by Robert Lowe)
3. Once Upon A Mattress, No label EC 4709 (Leslie Sachs and Paul Cahill with musical direction by Andrew Sieff) (1967 Gold Mask Adelphi University Little Theatre, Garden City, Long Island, New York production)
4. Once Upon A Mattress, CD/RCA Victor 09026-68728-2 (Lewis Cleale and Jane Krakowski with musical direction by Eric Stern)
5. B.J. Ward Sings Marshall Barer, CD/Feinery FCD-3103-2 (B.J. Ward with arrangement by Scott Lavender)
6. Hey, Love, CD/Varese Sarabande VSD-5772 (Faith Prince, Mark Waldrop, and Jason Workman with musical direction by Patrick Brady)
7. Moonlight And Love Songs, CD/Original Cast 8805 (Bob Cohen)

Other Songs:

Billy (Billy, Come Home) (C/L: Marshall Barer)
Bopabye Baby (C/L: Ralph Strain, Marshall Barer) [also used in ONCE OVER LIGHTLY as "Bop-A-Bye" and used in ZIEGFELD FOLLIES (1958) as "Be Bop Lullaby"]
Hard to Get (C/L: Ralph Strain, Marshall Barer) (subsequently used in RED HOT)
I'm With You
Love Of (C/L: Dean Fuller, Marshall Barer, Valerie Bettis)
Lucky In The Hall (cut after Houston) [possibly the same song as "I Got Lucky" in ONCE OVER LIGHTLY]
Mr. Spring (C/L: Marshall Barer)
Noises in the Theatre (C/L: Dean Fuller, Arnold B. Horwitt) (lyric possibly reused in ZIEGFELD FOLLIES (1956) with music by Richard Lewine]
Opening ? (S.R.O. Do It Yourself Revue) (For Two Pins) [possibly also used as the opening of ONCE OVER LIGHTLY]
Quite a Guy
Shucks (C/L: Dean Fuller, Arnold B. Horwitt)
Walk Tall
What Good Is Happiness (cut after Houston)


Blackout (by Arnold B. Horwitt)
Collusion (by Arnold B. Horwitt and Arnold Auerbach)
Hollywood Analyst (by Arnold B. Horwitt and Lee Rogow)
The Last Republican (by Arnold B. Horwitt)
Princess Pearl (by Bud Burdson)
Wedding Night (by William Engvick)