Composer: Manning Sherwin
Lyricist: Douglas Furber

Opened: April 17, 1940, Saville Theatre, London
Performances: 503

Careless Talk (M/L: Manning Sherwin; Leslie Henson; Stanley Holloway; Graham John):

1. 78/Columbia 1965 (Leslie Henson and Stanley Holloway) [reissued on Monologues . . . And More!, CD/Avid 717]

Falling In Love With Love (M: Richard Rodgers; L: Lorenz Hart) (originally used in THE BOYS FROM SYRACUSE):

I have not attempted to compile discological information for this standard.

I Like You (M: Harry Jacobson; L: Diana Morgan):

1. 78/Columbia DB 1918 (Patricia Burke with orchestra conducted by Carroll Gibbons)

I'm One Of The Whitehall Warriors (M/L: Phil Park):

1. 78/Columbia DB 1919 (Cyril Ritchard) [reissued on Stars Of Australian Stage & Radio Volume 2, CD/Larrikin LRH 430]

I've Got You Where I Want You (L: Tommie Connor):

1. 78/Parlophone F1729 (Patricia Rossborough, piano)

London Pride (M/L: Noel Coward) (subsequently used in TOP-NOTCHERS):

1. 78/Gramophone B 9198 (Noel Coward with orchestra conducted by Carroll Gibbons) [reissued on The Master's Voice: Noel Coward, CD/Angel CDP 7 54919 2]
2. Return To Carnegie, RCA (S) APL1-2407 (Cleo Laine with musical direction by John Dankworth)
3. Swingin' With Derek, Norma 5507 (Derek Smith)
4. Torme Meets The British, CD/Philips 77205 (Mel Torme with Wally Stott and His Orchestra) [reissued on CD/Sepia Records 1113]
5. Echoes Of London, Columbia FM 42119 (John Williams) [reissued as CD/Columbia MK-42119]
6. The Lass With The Delicate Air, RCA Victor LPM-1403 (Julie Andrews with orchestra conducted by Irwin Kostal) [reissued as CD/Japanese Import 37247]
7. 'Ello Stanley!, MGM (S) SE-4284 (Stanley Holloway accompanied by Geoff Love and His Orchestra and The Lisa Grey Singers)
8. The King's Singers Sing Flanders & Swann And Noel Coward, EMI (S) EMC 3196 (The King's Singers)
9. Cowardy Custard, RCA (S) LSO-6010 (Derek Waring) [reissued as CD/Masterworks Broadway 88883 72394 2]
10. Follies Fantastique, Philips (S) STO 777 (Joan Brickhill)
11. Noel Coward Favorites, STL (S) 5255 (The Les Reed Orchestra)
12. Winnie, EMI Columbia SCX6713 (Virginia McKenna and Chorus with orchestra conducted by Cyril Ornadel)
13. Noel Coward On The Air, CD/Flapper PAST CD 7840 (Noel Coward)
14. The Master's Choice, CD/AEI Green Room AEI-CD 605 (Noel Coward)
15. Gold: 100 Songs From Our Gracie, CD/Universal UK SPECSIG2041 (Gracie Fields)
16. From The Ritz To The Anchor & Crown, CD/Dress Circle 012 (London Gay Men's Chorus with orchestra conducted by Jeremy Haneman)
17. Legends Of The 20th Century: Vera Lynn, CD/ EMI 5212302 (Vera Lynn)
18. Forces Sweetheart, CD/Upbeat Showbiz 194 (Julia Meadows)
19. London Pride, CD/Nyjo 0025 (National Youth Jazz Orchestra)
20. In A Shady Nook, CD/Empress Music 846 (Donald Peers)
21. A Marvellous Party: The Music Of Noel Coward And Friends, CD/TER CDVIR 8333 (Michael Law, piano)
22. A Marvelous Party, CD/Jay Records 1375 (Picadilly Dance Orchestra)
23. With A Little Bit O' Luck, CD/ADA 110 (Dave Sealey)
24. London Pride: Songs From The London Stage, CD/Varese Sarabande 571 (Twiggy with musical direction by Todd Ellison)
25. Give Me A Smile: Songs And Music Of World War II, CD/Threefold 8 (BBC Concert Orchestra conducted by Carl Davis)
26. A Box Of Light Musical Allsorts, CD/Guild Light Music 5157 (unknown orchestra)
27. The World At War, CD/Carl Davis Collection 6 (City Of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Carl Davis)
28. If Love Were All, CD/Varese Sarabande 6083 (Twiggy and Harry Groener with musical direction by Tom Fay)
29. Great Grandson Of Morris On, CD/Talking Elephant 062 (unknown performer)
30. Twentieth-Century Blues: The Songs Of Noel Coward, CD/EMI 7243 49463127 (Damon Albarn with Michael Nyman)
31. More Of The Best, CD/Delta 12638 (Acker Bilk)
32. A Little Light Music, CD/Upbeat Showbiz URCD123 (Beryl Korman and Julia Meadows with Jennifer Partridge, piano)
33. Noel Coward: A Portrait, CD/Aquarius AQCD543 (Peter Pringle)
34. A Talent To Amuse, CDr/No label 5 026107 042069 (James Hay with Anne Clements, piano)
35. Noel/Cole "Let's Do It!," CD/Silva Screen SONGCD 910 (David Kernan with Jason Carr and Paul Bateman, pianos, Steve McManus, bass, and Richard Cole, drums)
36. Bright Young People: The Songs Of Noel Coward, CD/Writers' Theatre (Kate Fry with Doug Peck, piano)
37. Together With Music, CD/DRG CDXP1103 (Mary Martin with musical direction by Tutti Camarata)
38. A Talent To Amuse, CD/Silva Treasury SILVAD 3009 (Peter Greenwell)
39. A Changing World, CD/Reynolds Ensemble REYNOLDSCD02 (Simon Green with David Shrubsole, piano)
40. Travels With My Piano, CD/BBC Music SM 1939 (Steve Ross, piano and voice)
41. A Talent To Amuse, CD/Must Close Saturday Records MCSR 3048 (Stanley Holloway with musical direction by Grant Hossack)
42. An Evening With Sheridan Morley & Michael Law, CD/Piccadilly Dance Orchestra PICCD 101 (Michael Law, piano and voice)
43. Noel And Cole, CD/PS Classics PS-1313 (Euan Morton with musical direction by David Loud)
44. I’ll Be Seeing You: Love Songs Of World War II, CD/Cabaret CACD 6001-2 (Andrea Marcovicci  with musical direction by Glenn Mehrbach)

Moon Love (M: Andre Kostelanetz; L: Mack Davis; Mack David):

1. 78/Gramophone B.D. 762 (Al Bowlly with orchestra conducted by Ronnie Munro) [reissued on Centenary Celebrations, CD/EMI]
2. 78/Gramophone M.H. 147 (Ray Eberle with Glenn Miller and His Orchestra) [also 78/Gramophone B.D. 5854; 78/Bluebird 10303; reissued on The Essential Glenn Miller, CD/ Bluebird RCA 66520]
3. 78/Decca 2578 (Joan Edwards with Paul Whiteman and His Orchestra)
4. 78/Decca 2610 (Donald King with Roy Smeck and His Serenaders)
5. 78/Decca F. 7331 (Greta Keller)
6. 78/Columbia 37895 (Eddy Duchin, piano solo, with vocal group)
7. 78/Decca F 7272 (Adelaide Hall with organ played by Fela Sowande and drums)
8. 78/Victor 20-1706 (The Norton Sisters with Vaughn Monroe and His Orchestra) [also 45/Victor 47-2726; reissued on On The Moonbeam/Down Memory Lane, CD/Jasmine Records 371]
9. 78/Victor 20-1558 (Clyde Burke with Swing and Sway with Sammy Kaye) [also 45EP/Victor EPBT 3023; 45EP/Victor WPT 18]
10. 78/Victor 20-2871 (The Town Criers & The Sentimentalists with Tommy Dorsey and His Orchestra)
11. 78/Vocalion 4939 (Mildred Bailey and Her Orchestra) [reissued on The Complete Columbia Recordings Of Mildred Bailey, CD/Mosaic 204]
12. 78/Vocalion 4888 (Paula Kelly with Al Donahue and His Orchestra) [reissued on The Best Of Al Donahue, CD/Collectables 7684]
13. 45/Coral 9-61893 (Lawrence Welk and His Orchestra)
14. 45/Decca 9-30191 (Fred Lowery)
15. 45EP/Decca ED500 (Carmen Cavallaro)
16. Let's Face The Music, Capitol W-2008 (Nat King Cole with orchestra conducted by Billy May) [reissued as CD/Capitol]
17. Moonlight Sinatra, Reprise FS 1018 (Frank Sinatra with orchestra conducted by Nelson Riddle) [reissued as CD/Reprise 2-1018]
18. Till The End Of Time, Columbia CS 8916 (Jerry Vale with orchestra conducted by Glenn Osser) [reissued on The Language Of Love/Till The End Of Time, CD/Collectables 6481]
19. The Broadcast Archives, Vol. 2, CD/Avid AMSC 700 (Glenn Miller and His Orchestra)
20. Chet Baker: The Pacific Jazz Years, CD/Pacific Jazz B2-89292 (Chet Baker)
21. Chet Baker Quartet Featuring Russ Freeman, CD/Blue Note 93164 (Chet Baker Quartet featuring Russ Freeman)
22. The Complete Recordings Nineteen Thirty Nine, CD/Columbia/Legacy 66377 (Frank Sinatra with Harry James and His Orchestra)
Radio transcriptions performed by Patti Morgan and the Al Kavelin Orchestra and by Andre Kostelanetz and His Orchestra are also known to exist.

The Oldest Chorus Boy In London:

1. 78/Columbia DB1919 (Cyril Ritchard) [reissued on Stars Of Australian Stage & Radio Volume 1, CD/Larrikin LRH 429]

Sing For Your Supper (M: Richard Rodgers; L: Lorenz Hart) (originally used in THE BOYS FROM SYRACUSE):

1. 78/Parlophone F1729 (Patricia Rossborough, piano)
2. 78/Columbia FB2426 (Anne Lenner with Carroll Gibbons and the Savoy Hotel Orpheans) [reissued on The Great British Dance Bands Play Rodgers & Hart, World SH355]
3. 78/Decca 2249 (Helen Hume with Count Basie and His Orchestra) [78/Brunswick 02940; reissued on The Complete Decca Recordings, CD/Verve 611]
4. 78/ Bluebird B 10017 (Miriam Shaw with Les Brown and His Orchestra)
5. 78/Brunswick 8257 (Charles Goodman with Horace Heidt and His Brigadiers)
6. 78/Victor 26099 (Martha Tilton with Benny Goodman and His Orchestra)
7. 78/Vocalion 4535 (Lois Best with The Champagne Music Of Lawrence Welk) [reissued on 16 Most Requested Songs, CD/Columbia/Legacy CK-45030]
8. 45/Project 3 PR 45-1315 (The True Blues Traveling Dance Band with Vocalists)
9. 45EP/Pye Popular NEP (M) 24181 (Edmund Hockridge with orchestra directed by Peter Knight)
10. Rodgers Revisited: Cy Walters Plays Richard Rodgers, Atlantic (M) 1236 (Cy Walter, piano) [reissued on CD/Collectables COL-CD-6915]
11. The Boys From Syracuse, 10"/Decca 33 (Rudy Valle with orchestra directed by Harry Sosnik) [also 78/Decca 2246; reissued on The Boys From Syracuse, CD/ Decca Broadway 422 882 281-2 (bonus track)]
12. Rodgers-Hart Musical Comedy Hits, 10"/Columbia (M) CL 6074 (Deane Janis with orchestra conducted by Richard Rogers)
13. The Boys From Syracuse, Columbia ML-4837 (Portia Nelson, Holly Harris, and Bibi Osterwald with orchestra conducted by Lehman Engel) [reissued as CD/Sony Broadway SK 53329]
14. The Boys From Syracuse, Decca SKL-4564 (Lynn Kennington, Paula Hendrix, and Maggie Fitzgibbon with orchestra directed by Robert Lowe) [reissued as CD/Decca Broadway 422 882 281-2]
15. The Boys From Syracuse, Capitol STAO-1933 (Ellen Hanley, Julienne Marie, and Karen Morrow with orchestra directed by Rene Wiegert) [reissued as CD/Angel ZDM 0777 7 64695-2]
16. Rodgers And Hart In Hollywood, Volume Two (1934-1943), JJA (M) 19821 (Martha Raye and Joe Penner) [also Martha Raye, Legends (M) 1000/5-6]
17. This Is Fran Jeffries, Monument (M) MLP 8069 (Fran Jeffries)
18. Goldie's New York Revisited, United Artists (M) UAL 3320 (Goldie Hawkins)
19. The Broadway Song Book, Coral (M) CX-4 (Dick Jacobs and his Orchestra)
20. Past Midnight, MGM (S) SE 4006 (Margaret Whiting with orchestra)
21. With Love, Cher, Imperial 12358 (Cher) [reissued as CD/ Magic 5235112]
22. Mel Torme With The Marty Paich Dektette, Bethleham BCP 52 (Mel Torme with the Marty Paich Dektette) [reissued as CD/Bethlehem 62093]
23. The Boys From Syracuse, CD/DRG 94767 (Rebecca Luker, Sarah Uriate Berry, and Debbie Gravitte with orchestra conducted by Rob Fisher)
24. Dining At The Banquet, CD/The Kitchenettes (The Kitchenettes)
25. Bewitched By Rodgers & Hart, CD/Jazz House Music 069 (Lois Lane with the John Horler Quintet)
26. The Richard Rodgers Album With Lorenz Hart, CD/Sepia 1001 (Phyllis Robins)
27. Shakespeare On Broadway, CD/Varese Sarabande VSD-5622 (Lynnette Perry with music direction by Tom Fay)
28. Eileen Farrell Sings Rodgers & Hart, CD/Reference Recordings RR-32CD (Eileen Farrell)
29. Dawn Upshaw Sings Rodgers & Hart, CD/Nonesuch 79406-2 (Dawn Upshaw with orchestra conducted by Eric Stern)
30. Wall To Wall Richard Rodgers, CD/Fynsworth Alley 302 062 129 2 (Debbie Gravitte, Garrett Long, and Christina Morrell with the "Wall To Wall Richard Rodgers" Orchestra conducted by Elliot Lawrence)
31. The 3 Broadway Divas, CD/CDJAY 8014 (Christiane Noll, Jan Horvath, and Debbie Gravitte with the National Symphony Orchestra conducted by Craig Barna)
32. Andrea Marcovicci Sings Rodgers & Hart, CD/Andreasong (Andrea Marcovicci with Shelly Markham, piano, and Kevin Axt, bass)
33. Deliver, CD/MCA Records 31044 (The Mamas and The Papas)
34. The Dave Pell Octet Plays Rodgers & Hart, CD/Fresh Sound 60505 (Dave Pell Octet)
35. Sunday Afternoon At The Lighthouse Café, CD/Woofy 158 (Dave Pell Octet)
36. Remembering Mel A Musical Tribute To Mel Torme, CD/Warren Schein (Warren Schein)
37. Sing For Your Supper, CD/David Thorne Scott (David Thorne Scott)
38. Happy Reunion, CD/Universal Jazz 134302 (Stephane Grappelli with Martial Solal)
39. A Great Combination, CD/Magic 45 (Paul Whiteman and His Orchestra)
40. Night At The Concord Pavilion, CD/Concord Jazz CCD-4433 (Mel Torme with John Campbell, piano; Bob Maize, bass; and Donny Osborne, drums)
41. Rebecca Kilgore With he Keith Ingham Sextet, CD/Jump 1224 (Rebecca Kilgore with the Keith Ingham Sextet)
42. The Chronological Benny Goodman And His Orchestra 1938 Vol. 2, CD/Classics 961 (Benny Goodman and His Orchestra)
43. Defying Gravity, CD/Jay Records 1393 (Debbie Gravitte)
44. Nice Work, CD/Linn Records 006 (Carol Kidd)
A recording by Ray Bloch's Swing Fourteen is also known to exist.

This Can't Be Love (M: Richard Rodgers; L: Lorenz Hart) (originally used in THE BOYS FROM SYRACUSE):

I have not attempted to compile discological information for this standard for anything other than original cast member performances.
1. 78/Columbia DB-1918 (Patricia Burke with orchestra conducted by Carroll Gibbons) [reissued on The Ultimate Rodgers & Hart Volume III, CD/Pearl GEM 0118]

Yip-I-Addy-I-Ay (M: John H. Flynn; L: Will A. Cobb):

1. 78/Vocalion 03603 (Frank Novak and His Rootin' Tootin' Boys)
2. Sidewalks Of New York, 45EP/Decca 9-149 (Kenny Gardner and the Lombardo Trio with Guy Lombardo and His Royal Canadians)
3. Vaudeville Songs Of The Great Ladies Of The Musical Stage, CD/Nonesuch 79148-2 (Joan Morris with William Bolcom, piano)
4. Boiled Beef And Cabbage, CD/Larrikin 325 (Florrie Forde)
5. The Very Best Of Nat Gonella, CD/EMI 21460 (Nat Gonella)
6. The Very Best Of Bryan Smith And His Orchestra, Vol. 2: Old Time And Sequence Favourites, CD/Maestro CDTS 016 (Bryan Smith and His Orchestra)
7. The Best Of British Jazz, CD/EMI 3354932 (unknown performer)
Radio transcriptions performed by The Stardusters, Aileen Stanley and the Music Hall Varieties Orchestra, Andre Kostelanetz and His Orchestra, and Arthur Collins and Byron G. Harlan

You Better Go Now (M: Robert Graham; L: Bickley Reichner) (originally used in NEW FACES OF 1934 and subsequently used in  NEW FACES OF 1936 and MASK AND GOWN):

1. 78/Liberty Music Shop L 198 (Rae Giersdorf with Fairchild and Carroll and Their Orchestra)
2. 78/Decca 27840 (Jeri Southern with orchestra directed by Camarata) [reissued on The Very Thought Of You: Decca Recordings 1951-57, CD/Verve 671]
3. 78/Decca 23483 (Billie Holiday with orchestra directed by Bob Haggart) [reissued on The Complete Commodore & Decca Masters, CD/Verve/Hip-O Select/Geffen B0013146-02]
4. 45/Capitol F3698 (Keely Smith with orchestra conducted by Nelson Riddle) [reissued on The Capitol Recordings, CD/Bear Family Records BCD 15776]
5. Saloon Singer, Audiophile (S) AP 171/172 (Hugh Shannon, piano and vocals, David Braynard, bass, and Jim Fitzsimon, drums) [reissued as CD/Audiophile ACD-171/172]
6. Tonight At Midnight, Coral (Steve Allen)
7. Makin' Whoopee, Spotlite SPJ9 (Ben Webster)
8. What Do You Know About Love?, Jubilee SDJP-1109 (Della Reese) [reissued on Amen!/What Do You Know About Love?, CD/Collectors' Choice Music 901]
9. My Heart Sings, Columbia CS 8018 (Polly Bergen with orchestra conducted by Luther Henderson) [reissued as CD/Columbia Special Products 8018]
10. At The Crescendo, Capitol ST 1278 (Jeri Southern) [reissued on Jeri Southern Meets Cole Porter/At The Crescendo, CD/ EMI 856057]
11. Savoy Remix, Vol. 2, CD/Savoy Jazz 78959 (James McMilan)
12. Faithfully/Johnny's Mood, CD/Sbme Special Mkts. 5160202 (Johnny Mathis)
13. Feelin' Red, CD/32 Jazz 32091 (Red Garland)
14. Rojo, CD/Fantasy/OJC 7722 (The Red Garland Trio)
15. London Meeting, CD/String Jazz 233852 (Stephane Grappelli and Hank Jones)
16. Feeling + Finesse = Jazz, CD/Atlantic 90140 (Stephane Grappelli)
17. Djano, CD/Emarcy 9843187 (Stephane Grappelli)
18. Bop For Kerouac, CD/Muse MCD-5253 (Mark Murphy)
19. Gentle Jug, Vol. 3, CD/Prestige 24249 (Gene Ammons)
20. My Gentleman Friend, CD/Muse 5534 (Etta Jones)
21. Etta Jones Sings Lady Day, CD/High Note 7078 (Etta Jones)
22. Angel Eyes: Ballads & Slow Jams, CD/Verve 527632 (Jimmy Smith)
23. Deep In A Dream, CD/Enja/Justin Time 3302 (Charlie Mariano)
24. Not Quite A Ballard, CD/Intuition 3373 (Charlile Mariano)
25. You Better Go Now/When Your Heart's On Fire, CD/Jasmine Records 602 (Jeri Southern)
26. Schumann's Favored Bar Songs, CD/Winter & Winter 152 (Fumio Yasuda)
27. Temptation, CD/Venus Jazz TKCV 35098 (Steve Kuhn)
28. Original Westcoaster, CD/Fresh Sound FSR 2250 (Buddy Collette)
29. Stairway To The Stars: The Complete Polydor Recordings 1954-1958, CD/Bear Family Records BCD 16307 (Caterina Valente)
30. The Chronological Beryl Booker 1946-1952, CD/Classics 1415 (Beryl Booker)
31. Standard Deviation, CD/CIMP 186 (Paul Smoker)
32. The Summer Of '55, CD/Savoy Jazz 17063 (Cannonball Adderley)
33. That's Nat Adderley, CD/Columbia 53409 (Nat Adderley)
34. Blues In The Night, CD/Venus 35154 (New York Trio)
35. Nobody Sees Me Cry: The Best of The Columbia Years, CD/Collectables 6688 (Diahann Carroll)
36. Live At The Montreal Bistro, CD/Candid 79726 (Gene DiNovi)
37. Bare: A Collection Of Ballads, CD/Mad-Kat Records 1007 (Madeline Eastman)
38. Sophisticated Lady, CD/Chase Music Group 8073 (Sandi Shoemake)
39. Look Out! It's Joanie Sommers, CD/Studio West 106 (Joanie Sommers)
40. Mask And Gown, CD/AEI 40 (T.C. Jones)
41. That Old Black Magic, CD/Setco (Billy Daniels)
42. Comping Up For Air, CD/Unknown label 1250 (Kathleen Lee)
43. South To A Warmer Place, CD/Sunnyside 1039 (Meredith d'Ambrosio)
44. A Scot In L.A., CD/Roger Cairns 5858 (Roger Cains)
45. Sweet And Saxy, CD/Savant 422103 (Pamela Luss)
46. Woman Talk, CD/Mainstream 706 (Carmen McRae)
47. Rare Live Recordings 1934-1959, CD/ESP-Disk 4040 (Billie Holiday)
48. Glengarry Glen Ross, CD/Elektra 61384 (Shirley Horn)
49. It's Magic, CD/Prestige Records CDPC 5007 (Buddy Greco)
50. Fools Rush In, CD/ Toshiba EMI 6859 (Monica Lewis)
51. Stand By For Music, CD/Magic 85 (Jeri Southern with Jerry Gray and His Band of Today)
52. Joy Adams Sings The Jazz Classics, CD/Tahoe Records 0045 (Joy Adams)
53. Time To Swing, CD/DRG 8509 (Dakota Staton)
54. Jazz All Stars: 50's FM Broadcasts, CD/Jazz Hour 3010 (Mister Kelley's Quinchette)
55. Four Gals Sing The Hits, CD/Collectors' Choice Music 57 (Peggy King)
56. Chet Baker And Strings, CD/Legacy 46174 (Chet Baker)
57. Saloon Singer, CD/Audiophile ACD-171/172 (Hugh Shannon with Larry Carr, piano and celeste, Bill Breslin, bass, Marc Messing, drums, and Bobby Hackett, cornet)
58. Songbook, CD/32 Jazz 32105 (Mark Murphy)
59. Jazz At The Philharmonic, CD/PolyGram 521642 (Billie Holiday)
60. Simply Late Night Jazz, CD/Simply 069 (Rodney)
61. Alive!,CD/Columbia Legacy JK 57887 (Carmen McRae)
62. Complete Album Series, CD/Stage Door STAGE 9055 (Pat Suzuki with Ralph Burns and His Orchestra)

Unrecorded Material:

Adapted From The French (sketch by Douglas Furber)
By Your Leave (sketch by Vernon Sylvaine and Douglas Furber)
The Elocutionist (sketch by Reginald Purdeil)
Finale - Savoy
Grape Fruit (sketch by Reginald Purdell)
Leslie Henson piano specialties
Stanley Holloway monologue
A Kerry Courting (M: Houston Colisson; L: Percy French)
Seaside Attractions (sketch by Richard Hearne)
The Shop
Thrill Of My Life (L: Tommie Connor)
To The Sea In Ships (sketch by Leslie Henson and Douglas Furber)
We've Got You Where We Want You
You Can't Beat The Lads In Navy Blue (M/L: Arthur Riscoe)