Composer: Robert Stolz
Lyricist: Dailey Paskman

Opened: July 8, 1946; played the Greek Theatre, Los Angeles, CA at some point
Performances: Closed out of town

Two Hearts In Waltz Time:

1. 78/Sonora 1037 (Bob Stanley and His Orchestra)
2. 78/Brunswick 6031 N (Bob Haring and His Orchestra with vocal chorus) (L: Reisch-Robinson-Young)
3. 78/Victor 22962 (Marek Weber and His Orchestra)
4. 78/Vocalion 15868 (Jack Richard and His Miami Orchestra)
5. 78/Victor V 16199 (Stanislaw Poznan with orchestra) (version sung in Polish)
6. 78/Capitol 20112 (Frank DeVol and His Orchestra)
7. 78/Decca 2530 (Harry Horlick and His Orchestra)
8. 78/Decca 15049 (Ruby Newman and His Orchestra)
9. 78/Skating Rhythms SR 176 (Glenn Davis, Hammond organ) [also 78/Skating Rhythms SR 510]
10. 45/Columbia A 1558 (Andre Kostelanetz and His Orchestra) [also 45/Columbia 7-1257]
11. Cocktail Time, Victor YYY WP 305 (Frankie Carle and His Orchestra) [reissued on April In Paris/Cocktail Time, CD/Collectables 7311]
12. 45/Hoctor DH-620 (unidentified orchestra)
13. Vintage Years, **** (David Rose Orchestra)
14. Two Hearts In Waltztime, CD/Eloquence 4610492 (Robert Stoltz Orchestra conducted by Robert Stolz)
15. The Magical World Of Operetta, CD/Reader's Digest RDCD1191-6 (Douglas Gamley and His Orchestra)
16. Catch Another Brass Ring: Old-Fashioned Merry-Go-Round Music, CD/Koch International 11023 (Wurlitzer Model 165 Band Organ)
17. 22 All Time Favorite Waltzes, CD/Vanguard 7028 (Lawrence Welk and His Orchestra)
18. The Old Rustic Bridge And Other Golden Oldies, CD/Rego Irish 3080 (Frank Patterson)
19. Sweetheart Of Song, CD/Collectors' Choice Music 1007 (Deanna Durbin) (L: Rida Johnson Young)
20. Horace Is Blue: A Silver Noir, CD/hatOLOGY 550 (Ran Blake)
21. 101 Glorious Melodies From Operetta, CD/Reader's Digest 245 (London Promenade Orchestra conducted by Eric Hammerstein)
22. Polka Party, CD/ZYX 4100 (Walter Ostanek)
23. Operetta Delights, CD/Operetta Archives OA 1008 (Richard Crooks)
Radio transcriptions performed by Richard Leibert, organ, the Milt Herth Trio, and the Norman Cloutier Orchestra are also known to exist.

Unrecorded Material:

Ballet (dance)
Children Of The Drama
Give Your Bride A Kiss
Lovely Little Sister
Old Vienna
The Pain Of Love's First Kiss
Tonight With You
Two Times Young And Twice In Love
Wasn't It Grand
What Does My Heart Keep Saying