Composer: Morgan Lewis
Lyricist: Nancy Hamilton

Opened: February 8, 1940, Booth Theatre, N.Y.C.
Performances: 124

Cookery (monologue by Richard Hadyn; similar or same monologue as "Fish Mimicry" in SET TO MUSIC):

1. 78/Liberty Music Shop L-285(Richard Haydn)

A House With A Little Red Barn:

1. 78/Royale 1846 (Carol Horton with Johnny Green, piano, and Johnny Green and his Orchestra)
2. 78/Bluebird B 10609 (Mary Ann Mercer with Mitchell Ayres and His Fashions In Music)
3. 78/Vocalion 5420 (Rosemary Calvin with Freddie Rich and his Orchestra)
4. 78/Liberty Music Shop L-292 (Joan Edward and Her Piano) [reissued on Greta Keller And Other Chanteuses, NLM 1989]
5. 1935-1940, CD/Classics 725 (Roy Eldridge)

How High The Moon (cut during subsequent tour):

I have not attempted to compile discological information for this standard. A radio trasncription performed by Alfred Drake is known to exist.

Teeter Totter Tessie (cut during subsequent tour; originally used in ONE FOR THE MONEY):

1. 78/Liberty Music Shop LMS 260 (Dorothy Rochelle with the Ted Straeter Orchestra) [reissued on The Music Of Broadway: 1939, CD/Encore ENCDNO1/2]

Unrecorded Material:

The Age Of Innocence (sketch by Richard Haydn)
The All Girl Band As Was And As Is (cut during subsequent tour)
At Last It's Love
Calypso Joe
Destry Has Ridden Again
Fool For Luck
Goodnight, Mrs. Astor
The Guess-It Hour (sketch)
Little Miss Muffet (sketch)
Out Of This World (sketch)
Painless Distraction (sketch)
The Show's The Thing (sketch)
Song of Spain
That Terrible Tune
This "Merry" Christmas
To A Skylark (sketch)
Where Do You Get Your Greens?