Composers: Rosetta Duncan; Vivian Duncan
Lyricists: Rosetta Duncan; Vivian Duncan

Opened: December 23, 1924, Sam H. Harris Theatre, N.Y.C.
Performances: 165

Do-Re-Mi (The Music Lesson):

1. 78/Victor 19050 (The Duncan Sisters with Phil Ohman, piano)
2. 78/HMV C-1093 (The Duncan Sisters)
3. 78/HMV B-2915 (The Duncan Sisters)
4. 78/Okeh 4990 (Helen Clark and Betsy Lane Shepherd with orchestra)

Forsaken Blues (M: Russ Morgan; L: Straight) (not in program):

1. 78/Brunwick 2641 (Gene Rodemich) [reissued on 1924, CD/Starlight Records]
2. 78/Path 036184 (Piedmont Orchestra)
3. 78/Perfect 14365 (Lanin’s Roseland Orchestra)
4. 78/Varsity 6062 (Frank James with instrumental accompaniment) (unverified) [reissued on Complete Recorded Works In Chronological Order (1934-38), CD/Document DOCD 5289]
5. 78/Vocalion 14892 (Fletcher Henderson and His Orchestra) [reissued on The Chronological Fletcher Henderson And His Orchestra 1924, Vol. 3, CD/Classics 647]

Happy Go Lucky Days (M/L: Al. Wilson; James A. Brennan) (added for the subsequent tour):

1. 78/Victor 19987 (The Duncan Sisters with piano) [also 78/Gramophone B 2309]
2. 78/Brunswick 2974 (Billy Jones and Ernest Hare with Phil Ohman, piano, and Harry Reser, banjo) [also 78/Perfect 12208]

I Never Had A Mammy (Topsy’s Prayer):

1. 78/Victor 19206 (The Duncan Sisters with Edna Fisher, piano, and ukulele)
2. 78/Victor 19196 (Vernon Dalhart with The Manhattan Merrymarkers)
3. Made In America, CD/Original Cast OC-6035 (Ashley Birmingham and Laura Oseland with musical direction by Mark Hartman)

Lickins (cut):

1. 78/Victor 21226 (The Duncan Sisters with Viviann Duncan, piano)

Mean Cicero Blues (not in program):

1. 78/Victor 19529 (The Duncan Sisters with piano)

Rememb’wring (Rememb’ring):

1. 78/Victor 19206 (The Duncan Sisters with Phil Ohman, piano) [re

(In) Sweet Onion Time (In Bermuda) (added for the subsequent tour):

1. 78/Victor 35751 (The Duncan Sisters with piano)
2. 78/Parlophone F-1215 (The Duncan Sisters)
3. 78/Columbia 332 D (Billy Jones and Ernest Hare with ukulele and piano)

Ukulele Lady (M: Richard A. Whiting; L: Gus Kahn) (added for the subsequent tour):

1. Click here for recordings of "Ukulele Lady".


1. 78/Victor 19311 (The Duncan Sisters with Edna Fisher, piano)

Unrecorded Material:

Bird Dance
Cotton Time
Finale (Act 1)
Finale (Act 3)
Give Me Your Heart And Give Me Your Hand (dropped for the subsequent tour)
Heaven (added for the subsequent tour)
In The Autumn
Just For A Little While (added for the subsequent tour)
Kiss Me
The Land Of Long Ago
Moon Am Shinin’
Plantation Melodies (Act 1 Opening)
Sighin’ (cut)
Smiling Through My Tears (added for the subsequent tour)
Uncle Tom Cabin Blues
We’ll Dance Through Life Together (cut)
Wedding Procession