Composers: Al Goodman; Jean Schwartz
Harold Atteridge
Opened: November 20, 1923; moved on January 14, 1924 to the Winter Garden Theatre
Performances: 154

I’ll Stand Beneath Your Window Tonight And Whistle (M/L: Jerry Benson; Jimmy McHugh; George E. Price) (ASCAP/Library of Congress only):

1. 78/Columbia A 3694 (Al Jolson) [reissued on Al Jolson, Vol. 3: The Twenties From Broadway  To Hollywood, CD/Pearl Flapper PASTCD 7045]
2. 78/Edison 51028 (Green Bros. Novelty Band)
3. 78/Victor 18943 (Aileen Stanley and Billy Murray with orchestra)
4. Ian Whitcomb In Hollywood, CD/Vivid Sound RATCD-005 (Ian Whitcomb)

When You Love (M: Jean Schwartz):

1. 78/Edison 51279 (Kaplan’s Melodists)

Unrecorded Material:

American Dancers
(On) A Beautiful Evening (M: Jean Schwartz)
Doing The Apache
(The) Flowers Of Evil (Garden Of Evil) (M: Jean Schwartz)
(Be) Good, Queen Bess (M: Bert Grant; L: Tot Seymour)
In The Cottage Of My Heart (sheet music only)
The Jazz Wedding
Just Like A Diamond (Diamond Finale) (M: Jean Schwartz)
The Legend Of The Woodland
Lotus Flower
Love In A Haystack (sheet music only)
The Minuette
Oedipus Rex A La Jazz
Oh, Alice (M: Bert Grant; L: Tot Seymour)
Opening Ensemble
Queens Of Long Ago
Ran Tin Tin
Yankee Doodle Oo-La-La