Composer: Herman Timberg
Lyricist: Herman Timberg

Opened: February 23, 1920, Princess Theatre, N.Y.C.
Performances: 32

The Dardanella Blues (M: John S. Black; L: Fred Fisher) (added to the subsequent tour):

I have not attempted to compile discolographical information for this standard.

(I’d Like To Know Why) I Fell In Love With You:

1. 78/Edison 50846 (Harry Raderman’s Jazz Orchestra)
2. 78/Path 22355 (Lewis James with orchestra)

Sweet Mamma (Papa’s Getting Mad) (M/L: Peter L. Frost) (added to the subsequent tour; also used in PASSING SHOW OF 1920):

1. 78/Brunswick 3712 (Herman Timberg and Co.,  violin novelty)
2. 78/Diva 2577 G (The Washingtonians) [also 78/Harmony 577  H)
3. 78/Paramount 20027 (Flo Bert with orchestra)
4. 78/Columbia A 3300 (Marion Harris with orchestra)
5. 78/Columbia A 3450 (Southern Negro Quartette)
6. 78/Decca 27074 (Joe Marsala and His Chosen Seven)
7. 78/Hytone K 69 (Hegamin’s Blue Flame Syncopaters)
8. 78/Brunswick 2084 (Al Bernard with Carl Fenton’s Orchestra)
9. 78/Odeon Od 20029 (Green Brothers’ Novelty Band)
10. 78/Victor 18722 (Original Dixieland Jazz Band)
11. 78/Path 20499 (Synco Jazz Band)

Unrecorded Material:

Chinese-American Rag
Dance Mad
A Double Order Of Chicken
Finale (Act 1)
Finale (Act 2)
A Lesson In Love
(Love Is) A Game Of Cards
Girls, Girls, Girls
Hoppy Poppy Queen
My Manicure Maids
Playing For The Girl
Shimmy All The Blues Away
Take Me Back To Philaelphia, Pa. (I Want To Go Back To Philadelphia, Pa.)
Tell Me, Kind Spirit
Where’s My Sweet And Pretty Man?