Composer: Various
Lyricist: Various

Opened: Circa 1961, Downstairs At The Upstairs, NYC
Performances: Unknown

Note: A complete list of the show's songs and sketches is not available at this time.

Daisy (M/L: G. Wood):

1. Everybody Else Revisited, CD/Painted Smiles PSCD-146 (Dorothy Loudon)

Thor (M/L: Jack Holmes) (subsequently used in DIME A DOZEN):

1. Dime A Dozen, Cadence (S) CLP-25063/(M) CLP-3063 (Jack Fletcher and Rex Robbins with William Roy and Robert Colston, pianos)

Unrecorded Song:

Festivals (M/L: Jack Holmes) (later used in BIG BROADCAST OF 1963)