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Composer: Chauncey Olcott
Lyricist: Chauncey Olcott

Opened: January 25, 1897, 14th Street Theatre, N.Y.C., and closed on April 10, 1897; reopened on April 19, 1897 with a new third act and closed on May 8, 1897
Performances: 104

Sweet Inniscarra:

1. 78/Columbia A-1309 (Chauncey Olcott with orchestral accompaniment) [also 78/Columbia 33022F; reissued on Music From The New York Stage Vol. 1: 1890-1908, CD/Pearl GEMM CDS 9050-2]
2. 78/Victor 17676 (Reed Miller with orchestra)
3. 78/Victor 35537 (Victor Mixed Chorus with orchestra)
4. Heart’s Desire, CD/Green Linnet 1219 (Niamh Parsons)
5. A Man And His Guitar: Selected Sides 1927, CD/JSP 77158 (Bradley Kincaid)
6. The Green House, CD/Orchard 801059 (Grey Larsen and Paddy League)
7. A Little Bit Of Heaven: Three Tenors Sing Songs Of Erin, CD/Flare ROYCD 273 (Felix Knight)

Unrecorded Material:

The Fly Song (Olcott’s Fly Song)
Kate O’Donoghue
The Old Fashioned Mother
Only To Love Her (M/L:  Charles Santley) (added after opening)
Songs Of Araby (M/L: James Frederic Clay) (cut after opening)