Composer: Noel Gay
Lyricists: Frank Eyton

Opened: August 1, 1946, Victoria Palace Theatre, London
Performances: 323

Note: A complete song list is not available at this time.

I'll Always Love You:

1. 78/Decca F8696 (The Sentimentalists presented by Billy Cotton)
2. London Town, CD/Sepia 1076 (Petula Clark with Freddie Phillips and his Quintet)

My Old Dutch (interpolation) (M: Albert Chevalier) :

1. 78/Gramophone 02368 (Albert Chevalier with piano accompaniment) [also 78/Gramophone D 373; reissued on A Little Of What You Fancy: The Golden Age Of The Music Hall, CD/ASV/Living Era 5363]
2. Late Joys, Decca (S) SKL 4628 (Clive Dunn) [reissued as CD/Must Close Saturday Records MCSR302]
3. Classic Songs And Sketches, CD/EMI 528625 (Peter Sellers)
4. Major League/The Collector's Ivy League, CD/Sequel 289 (The Ivy League)
5. Those Music Hall Days, CD/Castle Pulse 346 (Roy Hudd)
6. Beat The Retreat, CD/Pegasus 878 (Stanley Holloway)
7. London Pride, CD/ Nyjo 0025 (National Youth Jazz Orchestra)
8. Songs For Every Occasion, CD/Hallmark 720762 (Llandudno Show Players)
9. Classic Album Collection, CD/Golden Stars 5607 (Mantonvani and His Orchestra)
10. 100 Years Ago: The Songs They Sang Last Century's Eve, CD/Memoir Classics 537 (Watson)
11. Your Favourite Wartime Pub Songs, CD/Pegasus 894 (unknown performer)
A radio transcription is also known to exist performed by Fields and Hall.

Save A Little Sunbeam:

1. 78/Columbia 38676 (Doris Day with Ray Noble and His Orchestra) (M/L: Irving Gordon) (unverified) [also 7"/Columbia 1-460; reissued on Doris Day, Vol. 2, CD/ Fast Forward Records 2646]
2. 78/Capitol 802 (Benny Strong and ensemble with Benny Strong and His Orchestra) (M/L: Irving Gordon) (unverified)

Unrecorded Material:

'Appy 'Ampstead
Finale Act 1
Finale Act 2
Fireworks Night (Act 2 Opening)
It's All a Lot of Bloomin' La-Di-Da
The Missus and the Moke and Me
The More They See of Me
Oh, What is It That a Soldier's Got?
We Will Have a Day To-day (Act 1 Opening)