Composer: Aladar Renyi
Lyricist: Otto Harbach

Opened: November 3, 1914, Casino Theatre, N.Y.C. ; transferred on November 30, 1914 to the Sam S. Shubert Theatre
Performances: 55

Oh, Fascinating Night:

1. 78/Columbia A 5644 (Prince’s Band conducted by G. Hepburn Wilson)
2. Fascinating Nights, Vol. 1, CD/Operetta Archives OA 1012 (Robin De Leon and Peter Halverson with Victoria Kirsch, piano)

Unrecorded Material:

Angling (added for the subsequent tour)
The Best Toast Of All (Kiss Her And Look In Her Eyes) (M: Franz Lehar)
The (Gallant) Brave Huzzar
The Engagement (Finale Act 2)
Heaven Measured You For Me
Hungarian Dance (added after opening)
I Love You, Marina (dropped for the subsequent tour)
I’ll Not Let Love Disparage Marriage (added after opening)
It Trills! It Thrills!
Life Is A Garden
Marina (Opening Chorus, Act 2)
The Match Makers
The Ocean, The Ocean
Opening (Act 3)
Secrets  (dropped for the subsequent tour)
Teenie, Eenie, Weenie (M: Paul Lincke)
Tick-A-Tick (Suzi, I’m Ticking Love Taps) (M: Max Perschk)
‘Twas In A Garden
Venus Calls And I’ll Obey (revised for the subsequent tour as “Venus And I Are Pals”)