Composer: Jimmy McHugh
Lyricist: Dorothy Fields

Opened: October 9, 1979, Mark Hellinger Theatre, N.Y.C.
Performances: 1208

Note: Only numbers not found on the original Broadway cast lp album or the CD reissue on the Varsese Sarabande label are noted below.

City Song (M/L: Mickey Rooney) (added after the Broadway run):

1. Sugar Babies, CAS/Broadway Entertainment Records BE 8302-C (Company with music direction by Larry Blank) (not found on other formats)

A Good Old Mammy Song (M/L: Irwin Levine; L. Russell Brown) (added for the National Tour):

1. 45/MGM K 14687 (Jimmy Osmond) [reissued on Killer Joe/Little Arrows, CD/Glam/7T's 77]
2. 45/Arista AS 0105 (Tony Orlando and Dawn) [also found on Prime Time, Bell 1317]
3. Sixties Teen Idols, CD/Pegasus 088 (Billy J. Kramer, Bobby Rydell, or Eden Kane)

I Want A Girl (Just Like The Girl That Married Dear Old Dad) (M: Harry Von Tilzer; L: William Dillon):

1. Click here for recordings of "I Want A Girl."

I'm The Last Of The Red Hot Mamas (M: Milton Ager; L: Jack Yellen) (added for the National Tour):

1. 78/Vic 21994 (Sophie Tucker with Ted Shapiro's Orchestra) [also 78/Victor WCT 1112; 78/Bluebird B 6835; 45/Victor 449-0011; reissued on Star Spangled Rhythm, CD/Smithsonian Collection 111]
2. 78/Q.R.S. R 7074 (Catherine Boswell (The Sunshine Girl) with piano accompaniment)
3. 78/Victor 22005 (Herman Kenin's Ambassador Hotel Orchestra) [reissued on Herman Kenin's Multnomah Hotel Orchestra & the Garden Dancing Palace Orchestra, CD/The Old Masters 124]
4. Legends Of The Musical Stage, Take Two 104 (Sophie Tucker) [reissued on Jazz Age Hot Mama, CD/Take Two 404-CD]
5. Homeless Romantic, CD/Speakeasy Productions (Winston Apple)
6. Remembering Sophie Tucker, CD/GHB 483 (Pat Yankee with music conducted by Michael Greensill)
7. Some Of These Days: A Jewish Woman's Journey Thru Chutzpah, Passion And Pastry With Sop, CD/Carol Fox Prescott 14212 (Carol Fox Prescott with musical direction by Edward Strauss)

[Mamma Goes Where Papa Goes Or] Papa Don't Go Out Tonight (M: Milton Ager; L: Jack Yellen) (added for the National Tour):

1. 78/Brunswick 2490 (The Cotton Pickers)
2. 78/Brunswick 2514 (Margaret Young with orchestra)
3. 78/Okeh 40014 (The Lanin Orchestra)
4. 78/Capitol CL 13511 (Kay Starr with Dave Cavanaugh's Music) [also 78/Capitol 15137]
5. 78/Vocalion 14676 (Isabelle Patricola with Selvin's Orchestra)
6. 78/Columbia A 3996 (The Georgians directed by Frank Guarente)
7. 78/Radiex 1192 (Arthur Hall with the Broadway Music Masters) [also 78/Grey Gull 1192]
8. 78/Gennett 5251 (Ernest Hare with Porter's Blue Devils)
9. 78/Cameo 418 (Dixie Daisies)
10. 78/Banner 1270 (Roy Collins' Orchestra)
11. 78/Perfect 12083 (Vernon Dalhart) [also 78/Path 032004]
12. 78/Victor 19215 (Jane Green with The Virginians directed by Ross Gorman)
13. 78/Banner 1261 (Bob White with orchestra)
14. 78/Edison 51257 L (Elsie Clark)
15. Vampin' Lady: The Music of Milton Ager, CD/Sixpence (Joyce Moody with Earl Wentz, piano)

Song Of The Auctioneer (M/L: Leroy Van Dyke) (cut; later reinstated at some point):

1. Sugar Babies, CAS/Broadway Entertainment Records BE 8302-C (Ronn Lucas with orchestra directed by Larry Blank) (not found on other formats)

Other Material:

Cautionary Tales (sketch by Ralph G. Allen)
Comic Spot (dialog)
Every Day Another Tune (L: Arthur Malvin)
I Love Them But Hate How They Danced (added for the National Tour)
The Instructional Rag (L: Arthur Malvin) (cut)
Justice Will Out (revised versions entitled "The Court of Last Resort" and "The Court Of Last Retort") (sketch by Ralph G. Allen)
Meet Me Around The Corner (sketch by Ralph G. Allen)
Orientale (Little Egypt Salome Dance)
The Pitchman (dialog)
Presenting Madame Alla Gazaza (scene)
Private Secretary Sketch (Monkey Business) (added for the National Tour)
Satire On An Opera Singer Scenes From Domestic Life (sketch by Ralph G. Allen)
*Some Of These Days (M/L: Shelton Brooks) (added for the National Tour)
Strip Tease (added to the National Tour)
*When My Sugar Walks Down The Street (L: Gene Austin) (added after opening and used in the National Tour)
The World's Greatest Female Sharpshooter (sketch by Ralph G. Allen) (cut)
The World's Greatest Knife Thrower (sketch by Ralph G. Allen) (added for the National Tour)
Wouldn't You Like To Taste My Pear? (L: Arthur Malvin) (cut)

*No attempt has been made to provide discological information for these standards.