Composer: Various
Lyricist: Various

Opened: June 24, 1942, Music Box Theatre , N.Y.C.
Performances: 609

Blues In The Night (M: Harold Arlen; L: Johnny Mercer) (from the film BLUES IN THE NIGHT):

I have not attempted to compile discological information for this Arlen standard.

The Girl On The Police Gazette (M/L: Irving Berlin)(from the film ON THE AVENUE):

1. 78/Decca 1150 (Dick Powell with Victor Young and his Orchestra)
2. 78/Decca 1127 (Sonny Schuyler with Abe Lyman and his Californians)
3. 78/Brunswick 7822 (Russ Morgan with Music in the Russ Morgan Manner)
4. 78/Bluebird B 6757 (Bob Godet with Shep Fields and his Rippling Rhythm Orchestra)
5. 78/Victor 25506 (Wayne King and his Orchestra)
6. Mike Todd's Broadway, Everest (S) SD-1011 (Jack Saunders Orchestra)
7. Dick McDonough & His Orchestra, Vol. 2, CD/Swingtime 2002 (Chick Bullock with Dick McDonough and his Orchestra)
8. Ozzie Nelson & His Orchestra 1937, CD/Circle 27 (Eddy Howard and the Trio with Ozzie Nelson and his Orchestra)
9. On The Avenue, CD/Soundtrack Factory SFCD33537 (Dick Powell with music direction by Arthur Lange)

I Can't Strip To Brahms (by Gypsy Rose Lee):

1. Stagedoor Canteen, Curtain Calls 100/11-12 (Gypsy Rose Lee) [reissued as CD/Sandy Hook CDSH 2093]

Robert The Roue (CM: Jimmy McHugh; L: Al Dubin) (from THE STREETS OF PARIS):

1. 78/Sterling 7005 (Buddy Clark with orchestra) [also 78/Varsity 8066; reissued in The Music Of Broadway: 1939, CD/Encore ENCDNO 1/2]
2. Charley Drew Sings Witty Ditties, Gala Album 2 (Charley Drew)

Unrecorded Material:

Aired In Court (sketch)
Brazilan Nuts (M: Dorival Caymmi; L: Al Stillman)
The Bunny (aka "Bunny, Bunny, Bunny") (M/L: Harold Rome) (dropped during the run)
Clap Your Hands (M/L:?)
Crazy House (sketch added during the run)
Don't Take On More Than You Can Do (M/L: Irving Gordon, Alan Roberts, and Jerome Bramin) (part of "The Harem" sketch)
For A Quarter (M: Lester Lee; L: Jerry Seelen)
The Harem (sketch)
I Can't Strip To Brahms (by Gypsy Rose Lee)
I Don't Get It (M: Doris Tauber; L: Sis Wilner)
In The Malamute Saloon (M: Will Irwin)
Les Sylphides Avec La Bumpe (M/L: Jerome Brainin; Irving Gordon; Allan Roberts)
The Merry Wife Of Windsor (sketch "stolen from William Shakespeare" by Bobby Clark)
Money (M/L: Harold Rome) (added during the run) (unclear if this is "The Money Song" later used in THAT'S THE TICKET)
The Sacred Gerkin (sketch)
Star And Garter Girls (M: Lester Lee; L: Jerry Seelen)
Turkish Oomph (M: Lester Lee; L: Jerry Seelen)