Composer: James F. Hanley
Lyricist: Jack Stanley

Opened: July 6, 1922, Winter Garden Theatre, N.Y.C.
Performances: 85

Angel Child (M: Abner Silver; L: Benny Davis; George E. Price):

1. 78/Edison 50907 (Broadway Dance Orchestra)
2. 78/Gennett 4830 A (Hazay Natzy and His Biltmore Orchestra)
3. 78/Varsity 8400 (Swing And Sway with Sammy Kaye and His Orchestra and The Three Kaydets)
4. 78/Federal 5178 A (Tuxedo Dance Orchestra)
5. 78/Bluebird B 10796 (Ray Eberle with Glenn Miller and His Orchestra) [reissued on Glenn Miller: Portrait, CD/Past Perfect 204293]
6. 78/Columbia A 3568 (Al Jolson with orchestra) [reissued on Al Jolson, Vol. 2: The Salesman Of Song 1911-1923, CD/Pearl 9796]
7. 78/Columbia A 3568 (The Columbians with the Dance Orchestra De Luxe)
8. 78/Brunswick 2249 (Selvin’s Orchestra)
9. 78/Victor 18870 (The Benson Orchestra of Chicago directed by Roy Bargy)
10. 78/Victor 18903 (Albert Campbell and Henry Burr with orchestra)
11. Louis And The Angels, CD/Universal/MCA 3006 (Louis Armstrong)
12. I Got Wild, CD/Delmark DE 767 (Big Joe Williams)
13. Hi Fi Baby, CD/Warehouse Creek Records 114 (Greg “Fingers” Taylor)
14. I’m Gonna Be A Wheel Someday, CD/Bear Family 15961 (Bobby Mitchell)
15. Angel’s Songs, CD/Jonkey Records 8117 (Chuck Jonkey)

I’ll Stand Beneath Your Window Tonight And Whistle (M/L: Jerry Benson; Jimmy McHugh; George E. Price) (subsequently used in TOPICS OF 1923):

78/Columbia A 3694 (Al Jolson) [reissued on Al Jolson, Vol. 3: The Twenties From Broadway  To Hollywood, CD/Pearl Flapper PASTCD 7045]
2. 78/Edison 51028 (Green Bros. Novelty Band)
3. 78/Victor 18943 (Aileen Stanley and Billy Murray with orchestra)
4. Ian Whitcomb In Hollywood, CD/Vivid Sound RATCD-005 (Ian Whitcomb)

Lovin’ Sam (The Sheik Of Alabam) (M: Milton Ager; L: Jack Yellen) (also used in LIZA, MAKE IT SNAPPY, and THE BUNCH AND JUDY):

1. 78/Grey Gull 1131 (Arthur Hall with the Musical Bell Hops)
2. 78/Columbia A 3757 (Nora Bayes)
3. 78/Columbia A 3730 (Ted Lewis and His Band)
4. 78/Gennett 4978 (Billy Jones with the Reser Trio) [also 78/Cardinal 541]
5. 78/Paramount 20171 (Frisco Syncopators)
6. 78/Gramophone 18976 (Miss Patricola with the Virginians directed by Ross Go.) [also 78/Victor 18976; reissue don The Hits Of ’23: Dreamy Melody, CD/ASV/Living Era CDAJA 5523]
7. 78/Cameo 291 (Dixie Daisies)
8. 78/Perfect 7-05-29 (Gene Kardos and His Orchestra) [also 78/Melotone 7-05-29]
9. 78/Perfect 14069 (Majestic Dance Orchestra) [also 78/Triangle 11174; 78/Path 020858; 78/Puritan 11174]
10. 78/Brunswick 2346 (Margaret Young with orchestra)
11. 78/Okeh 4732 (Guyon’s Paradise Orchestra directed by Jules R. Herbuveaux)
12. 78/Okeh 6024 (Tiny Hill & Ensemble with Tiny Hill and His Orchestra)
13. 78/Banner 1136 (Arthur Fields)
14. 78/Okeh 4792 (Aileen Stanley)
15. 78/Okeh 41305 (Emmett Miller and His Georgia Crackers) [reissued on Minstrel Man From Georgia, CD/Columbia Legacy 66999]
16. 78/Regal 9380 (Roy Collins’ Orchestra)
17. 78/Vocalion 14447 (Selvin’s Dance Orchestra)
18. 78/Vocalion 4633 (Lois Best with The Champagne Music Of Lawrence Welk)
19. Jim Kweskin, Mountain Railroad 52780 (Jim Kweskin) [reissued on Jim Kweskin Lives Again, CD/Mountain Railroad 52672]
20. The Firehouse Five Plus Two Story, CD/Fantasy 77102 (Firehouse Five Plus Two)
21. King Kong, CD/Heart Times Coffee Cup Studios 7595 (Les Deux Love Orchestra)
22. Canned Heat, CD/Unknown label (Tracy K and Jamie Steinhoff)
23. Love My Stuff, CD/Red House Records RHRCD 239 (Paul Geremia)
24. Carousel Breezes: Seabreeze Park, CD/Dynamic 100 (Wurlitzer Band Organ)
25. Juanita Hall Sings The Blues, CD/Original Jazz Classics/Counterpoint 1928 (Juanita Hall)
26. Young Man With A Horn, CD/Blue Moon BMCD 4110 (Harry James and His Orchestra)’
27. Vampin’ Lady: The Music Of Milton Ager, CD/Sixpence (Joyce Moody)

(In) My Little Red Book (M: J. Fred Coots; L: McElbert Moore):

1. And Then I Wrote, Coral (M) CRL 57084 (J. Fred Coots with piano accompaniment)

Two Little Wooden Shoes:

1.78/Path 020813 (Actuelle Dance Orchestra)
2. 78/Gennett 5015 (Harold Leonard and His Red Jackets)
3. 78/Okeh 4680 (Markels Orchestra)
4. 78/Edison 51022 (Broadway Dance Orchestra)

Way Down Yonder In New Orleans (M: Turner Layton; L: Henry Creamer) (also used in STRUT MISS LIZZY):

I have not attempted to compile discographical information for this standard.

Yankee Doodle Blues (M: George Gershwin; L: Irving Caesar; B.G. DeSylva):

1. 78/Path 020824 (Don Perker’s Western Melody Boys)
2. 78/Puritan 11163 (Majestic Dance Orchestra)
3. 78/Puritan 11164 (Earl Randolph Orchestra) [also 78/Paramount 20164]
4. 78/Muse 276 (Arthur Fields)
5. 78/Gennett 4995 (Ladd’s Black Aces) [reissued on Complete Ladd’s Black Aces 1921-24, CD/Timeless CBC 1077]
6. 78/Decca F. 8147 (Sid Phillips’ Quintet)
7. 78/Cameo 258 (Jazz-Bo’s Carolina Serenaders) [reissued on The Original Memphis Five Collection, Vol. 1: 1922-1923, CD/Collector’s Classics COCD 16]
8. 78/Brunswick 8397 (Jean Arnold with Jack Teagarden and His Orchestra)
9. 78/Brunswick 2286 (Isham Jones Orchestra)
10. 78/Columbia A 3668 (Van and Schenck with orchestra) [reissued on From Gershwin’s Time, CD/Sony Classical MH2K 60648]
11. 78/Banner 1106 (Roy Collins’ Orchestra)
12. 78/Regal 9368 (Majestic Dance Orchestra) [also 78/Triangle 11163]
13. 78/Victor 18959 (Billy Murray and Ed Smalle with orchestra)
14. 78/Victor 18913 (Paul Whiteman and His Orchestra as The Virginians) [reissued on Paul Whiteman’s Gershwin, CD/North American Classics NAC 4002]
15. 78/Vocalion 14432 (Yerkes’ S.S. Flotilla Orchestra)
16. 78/Regal 9385 (Billy Clarke and Bert Green with orchestral accompaniment)
17. And Then I Wrote, Coral (M) CRL 57084 (J. Fred Coots with piano accompaniment)
18. Masters Of Classic Jazz: The Piano, CD/Soundies 4123 (Mary Lou Williams)
19. At Home, CD/Earwig 4918 (Little Brother Montgomery) (unverified)
20. The Devil’s Music, CD/Indigo IGOTCD-2537 (Edith Wilson)
21. Meat Cuttin’ Blues, CD/GHB Records 486 (Rent Party Revellers) (unverified)
22. The Original Piano Trio Plays Nostalgia 20’s Style, CD/Klavier Records 77027 (Original Piano Trio)
23. Blue Roses Of Far And Near, CD/Stomp Off 1361 (Dan Levinson)
24. Edison Diamond Disc Fox Trots, CD/Diamond Cut (City Hall) 307 (unknown performer)
25. Let’s Do It: Bolcom & Morris At Aspen, CD/Omega Music Poland OCD-3004 (William Bolcom and Joan Morris)
26. Gershwin By Grofe, CD/Harmonia Mundi 907492 (Harmonie Ensemble Of New York conducted by Steven Richman)
A radio transcription performed by The Master Singers is also known to exist.

Unrecorded Material:

Burglar Inn (M: Seymour Furth; L: Ed Moran)
Clothes And The Flapper (M/L: Unknown) (added after opening and then caut)
Dreams For Sale (L: Herbert Reynolds)
Egyptian Melange
The Garden Of Eden (The Origin Of Spice) (L: Armand Kaliz)
A Girl From The Golden West (M: J. Fred Coots; L: McElbert Moore)
I Had My Pitcher Tooken  (M/L: Unknown) (added after opening)
I’m In Love With You (M: Kenneth Keith; L: Armand Kaliz)’
Lilies Of The Field (M: J. Fred Coots; L: Jack Lait)
A Little Side Street In Paree
Llamala (M: William J. Lewis; L: Guy Nankwill)
Love Tunes (M/L: Georgie Price; Sam hearn)
My Dixie (M: Maceo Pinkard; L: Sidney D. Mitchell) (ASCAP/Library of Congress only)
My Lady Of The Cameo (M/L: Unknown) (added for the tour)
My Lady Silhouette (M/L: Owen Murphy)
Old Fashioned Cake Walk
Opening Chorus (Spice Of Park Avenue) (M: J. Fred Coots; L: McElbert Moore)
Society (M: J. Fred Coots; L: McElbert Moore)
The Swanee Sway (cut after opening)
Wail Of A Debutante (M/L: Unknown) (added after opening)