Composer: Sammy Fain (unless indicated)
Lyricist: Jack Yellen (unless indicated)

Opened: December 1, 1941, Winter Garden Theatre, NYC
Performances: 742

Note: The show credits additional music and lyrics to Jay Levison (Livingston) and Ray Evans, but their specific contributions are not known. Sammy Fain's film hit "By A Waterfall" was performed live by a cellist in the men's room during the show's intermission. The album "Stars Over Broadway," Star Tone (M) ST 214, contains unspecified material from the show performed by Olsen and Johnson with Carmen Miranda

Happy In Love:

1. 78/Columbia 36586 (Buddy Moreno with Dick Jurgens and his Orchestra)
2. 78/Decca 4134 (The Lombardo Trio with Guy Lombardo and his Royal Canadians)
3. 78/Bluebird B 11401 [reissued on The Swing Years, CD/BMG 74321628762 (Marion Hutton with Glenn Miller and his Orchestra)]
4. 78/Bluebird B 11413 [reissued on Happy In Love, CD/Hallmark 30026 (Dinah Shore)]
5. 78/Columbia 37578 (EH and the Swing Sirs with the Eddy Howard orchestra) [reissued on The Best Of Eddy Howard, CD/Collectables 7591]
6. Sammy Sings Fain...Again, CD/Koch International KIC-CD-7561 (Sammy Fain) (calliope version)
7. A Friendly Session, Vol. 2, CD/Jasmine 349 (June Christy with the Johnny Guarnieri Quartet)
8. Special Delivery, CD/MCA 3020 (Janet Brace with accompaniment by Don Elliot)

Let's Say Goodnight With A Dance (Finale):

1. 78/Bluebird B 11464 (Ken Curtis with Shep Fields and his New Music)
2. 78/Okeh 6554 (Don Brown with the Tommy Tucker Time)
3. 78/Victor 27802 (Barry Wood)

Manuelo (L: Irving Kahal):

1. 78/Decca 23226 (Carmen Miranda) [reissued on Carmen Miranda: The Brazilian Bombshell, CD/MCA MSD-35370]

Oh Auntie! (ASCAP/LOC only):

1. 78/Bluebird B 11392 (Warren Covington with Mitchell Ayres and his Fashions-In-Music)

Thank You, North America:

1. 78/Decca 23226 (Carmen Miranda with the Bando de Lua e Gartota) [reissued on Front Row Center: The Broadway Gold Box, 1935-1988, CD/MCA 11353]

Unrecorded Material:

Before The Show (sketch)
Fun In Bed (sketch)
Fun In One (sketch)
Fun In The Audience (sketch)
Fun In The Orchestra Pit (sketch)
Fun On The Stage (sketch)
Hellzapoppin' Night In Buckeye, Arizona (sketch)
Hi-Ho, The Hoe-Down Way (L: Irving Kahal)
I'm Dancing With The Mamas With The Moolah (ASCAP/LOC only)
Induction Center (sketch)
Intermission (sketch)
It's A Mighty Fine Country We Have Here (with interpolated dance music by Will Irwin)
It's A New Kind Of Thing
The Joke's On Us (with interpolated dance music by Will Irwin)
Lena (sketch)
Manuelo (dance) (C: Will Irwin)
Meditation (sketch)
Moment Musicale (sketch)
More Fun In One (sketch)
The Olsen & Johnson Mystery Hour (sketch)
Olsen & Johnson's Surprise Party (sketch)
The Pitchman (sketch)
Porthole And Poopdeck (sketch)
A Queer Night In The Country (sketch)
Some More Fun In One (sketch)
Tete A Tete
Thank You, South America (with interpolated dance music by Will Irwin)
Those Umbrella Men (sketch)
Those Sons O' Fun (sketch)

When Carmen Miranda left the cast, Rosario and Antonio took over the Act 1 closing spot with "Los Chavalillos" (Gypsy Dance), "Malaguena," and "La Cancion de la Flores" (Love At First Sight) composed by Sylvio Masciarelli. Rosario and Antonio's recording of "Malaguena" can be found on 78/Columbia D.X. 1846.