Composer: Rosalie Gerut
Lyricist: Itsik Manger

Opened: January 23, 1989, Public Theatre, N.Y.C.
Performances: 168

Hoger's Lament:

1. Of Angels And Horseradish, CD/Northeastern 5005 (Shirim Klezmer Orchestra with Rosalie Gerut) (as "Hagar's Lament")

Note: This recording also contains the song "Sarah's Lullaby" which could be a revised version of "Sore's Lullaby."

Unrecorded Material:

Avrum And Sore's Duet
Di Demerung (The Twilight)
The Farewell Song
Hoger And The Turks
Hoger's Lament
Khave And The Apple Tree
Odem And Khave Duet
Shir Hamaylesn (Song Of Blessings)
Sore's Lullaby
Yankev And Rokhl Duet
Yosef's Tango