Composer: Billy Barnes
Lyricist: Billy Barnes

Opened: February 1957, Cabaret Concert, Los Angeles, CA
Performances: Unknown

Note: No other information available at this time.

I Love L.A. (subsequently used in BILLY BARNES REVUED):

1. Billy Barnes Revued, CD/Ducy Lee DLR900107 (Billy Barnes, piano and voice)

Something Cool (subsequently used in BILLY BARNES REVUED):

1. Something Cool, 10"/Capitol H-516 (June Christy with Pete Rugolo and His Orchestra.) [also 45/Capitol EBF-516; reissued on CD/Capitol Jazz 34069 (both mono and stereo versions)]
2. Surprise, Surprise, Cube (S) HIFLY 24 (Marian Montgomery and Richard Rodney Bennett)
3. Felicia Sanders At The Blue Angel, Columbia (M) CL 654 (Felicia Sanders with Irving Joseph, piano, Norm Jeffries, drums, and Red Callender, bass) [reissued on The Song From The Moulin Rouge, CD/Sepia 1073]
4. Girl At Her Volcano, Warner Bros. 23805 (Rickie Lee Jones) [reissued as CD/Warner Bros. 7599238052]
5. A Cavalcade Of Stars : Vol. 1, CAS/Michele Audio Corporation MAC/VSOP 605-1 (Tom Lee Scott)
6. Billy Barnes Revued, CD/Ducy Lee DLR900107 (Cindy Benson with Billy Barnes, piano)
7. Torch Songs... and Some Not So Torturous, CD/Desiree Records CD 2301 (Geraldine Turner)
8. My Very Best, CD/Reference Recordings 60 (Eileen Farrell)
9. Don't Smoke In Bed, CD/Venus Jazz 35519 (Eddie Higgins Trio)
10. Some Other Time, CD/RFD (Nadia Ackerman)
11. Joy Adams Sings The Jazz Classics, CD/Tahoe 0045 (Joy Adams with Tom Magill, piano; Bruce Kaminsky, bass; and Bruce Klauber, drums)
12. With Our Compliments, CD/Patricia Adams (Patricia Adams)
13. Live @ Ryles Jazz Club: Set 1, CD/Patricia Adams (Patricia Adams)
14. It Never Entered My Mind, CD/Sharon Bailey (Sharon Bailey)
15. Something Cool, CD/Columbia CK-48506 (Cheryl Bentyne)
16. P.S. I Love You, CD/La Factrie 7220 (Dorothee Berryman)
17. Love On Track, CD/Silverado (Susan and Denny Berthiaume)
18. Something Cool, CD/Lair Hill 003 (Nola Bogle)
19. Doodlin', CD/Razzz (Susie Butler)
20. Roadhouse, CD/Verve 549100 (Ruth Cameron)
21. Thinking Of You, CD/33 Jazz 33JAZZ080 (Donna Canale)
22. Something Cool, CD/Julie Cascioppo (Julie Cascioppo)
23. Shade, CD/Alert Music 528103 (Holly Cole)
24. Something Cool, CD/Mainstem 0045 (Gill Cook)
25. Smoky Bar Songs for the No-Smoking Section, CD/Original Cast 9302 (Cynthia Crane and Mike Renzi)
26. Don't Fence Me In, CD/D'Arcy (D'Arcy)
27. The Colors Of My Life, CD/Stash 541 (Dardanelle)
28. Dardanelle Echoes Singing Ladies, CD/Audiophile ASD-145 (Dardanelle)
29. State Of Bliss, CD/LML 151 (Courtenay Day with musical direction by Christopher Marlowe)
30. When The Wind Was Cool, CD/RCA 68858 (Dominique Eade)
31. Ethel Ennis, CD/Hildner Productions 5580 (Ethel Ennis)
32. Eileen Farrell Sings Torch Songs, CD/Reference RR-34CD (Eileen Farrell)
33. Something Still Cool, CD/Unknown label 95925 (Elli Fordyce and Jim Malloy)
34. The Judy Garland Show: The Show That Got Away, CD/Hip-O 32220 (Judy Garland) (two outtakes)
35. Out Of My Dreams, CD/Nancy Gilland (Nancy Gilland)
36. Feel The Magic, CD/Amazon ARCD-3756 (Angela Hagenbach)
37. Ballad Higgins, CD/Venus 35356 (Eddie Higgins Trio)
38. Jacintha Is Her Name, CD/Groove Note 10143 (Jacintha)
39. Everything I Love, CD/Sittel 9206 (Lena Jansson)
40. Reminiscing With Barbara Jay, CD/Spotlight 575 (Barbara Jay)
41. Live At The Bar, CD/Peggy Judy (Peggy Judy)
42. Songs For All Seasons, CD/MadyKaye MKM-01 (Mady Kaye)
43. Kelly Sings Christy: Thou Swell, CD/Chase Music 8067 (Julie Kelly)
44. Munich 1953, CD/Sounds Of Yesteryear 608 (Stan Kenton and His Orchestra)
45. Around Midnight, Liberty (S) ST-7164 (Julie London with orchestra conducted by Dick Reynolds) [reissued as CD/Capitol Jazz 69810]
46. The Lady With The Torch, CD/Ghostlight 3303 (Patti LuPone with music direction by Scott Wittman)
47. Secret Love, CD/Linn 246 (Claire Martin)
48. Rapport, CD/Marilyn Maye (Marilyn Maye)
49. It's High Time, CD/Lynn McDonald (Lynn McDonald)
50. Nocturnal Velvet, CD/SMS Jazz 1138 (Melodye)
51. The Lovers, The Dreamers And Me, CD/Concord 31197 (Jane Monheit)
52. Lullaby In Rhythm, CD/VSOP 110 (Stephanie Nakasian)
53. Jacqui Naylor, CD/Ruby 001 (Jacqui Naylor with musical direction by Tony Kaye)
54. I'll Be Easy To Find, CD/USA Music Group 1055 (Sarah Partridge)
55. In The Deep Romance, CD/Lynn Paynter (Lynn Paynter)
56. Sunday Sketches, CD/Timeless 467 (Diana Perez)
57. Voyage, CD/Cherie Price (Cherie Price)
58. Something Cool/Bad Bobby, CD/Allegiance D2-72928 (Della Reese)
59. Something Cool, CD/DRG CDMRS-713 (Yvonne Roome)
60. Something Cool, CD/Valdon (Valli Scavelli)
61. Vol. Lonely, CD/Love And Jazz (Toni Lee Scott)
62. 2 For The Road, CD/Rhombus 6583 (Deborah Shulman)
63. There's A Lady On Stage, CD/Arlenesimone (Arlene Simone)
64. When I Look In Your Eyes, CD/Concord Jazz 4619 (Carol Sloane)
65. Something Cool, CD/Choice 71025 (Carole Sloane)
66. Something Cool, CD/Telarc 63548 (Tierney Sutton)
67. But You Can Call Me Lola, CD/Dolores Vasquez (Dolores Vasquez)
68. Something Cool, CD/Lynn Veronneau (Lynn Veronneau)
69. 'Round Midnight, CD/Sunset (Amber Weekes)
70. This Is Always, CD/Owl Eye (Sable Winters)
71. Leap Of Faith, CD/Silver Streak (Faith Winthrop)
72. Something Cool, CD/Yasko (Yasko)
73. About Love, CD/33 Jazz 33179 (Laura Zakian)
74. One More Time, CD/Outstanding Records OCD 114 (Annette Warren with Paul Smith, piano)
75. Lynn Rogers At The School Of Arts Café, CD/Larrikin LRF 352 CD (Lynn Rogers with Erris Venske, piano)
76. I Love Being Here With You, CD/Claudia Newberry (Claudia Newberry)
77. All This Happiness, CD/PS Classics PS-1315 (Judy Kuhn with musical direction by Dan Lipton)