Composer: Various
Lyricist: Various

Opened: June 4, 1942, Phoenix Theatre, London
Performances: 149

(The) Bleeding Heart ( by J.P. Long and Will E. Haines):

1. 78/Decca 18263 (Gracie Fields with orchestra conducted by Victor Young) [also 78/Decca 23893; reissued on "Looking On The Bright Side," CD/Naxos Nostalgia 8120524]

Reprieve (sketch by Nina Warner Hook):

1. A Taste Of Hermione Baddeley, Prestige/Lively Arts 30002 (Hermione Baddeley)

Which Witch? (M: Charles Zwar; L: Alan Melville) (subsequently used in JOHN MURRAY ANDERSON'S ALMANAC and STICKS AND STONES):

1. Melvillainy, Decca (M) LK 4394 (Alan Melville with orchestra conducted by Eric Rogers) [reissued on Marigold/Melvillainy, CD/Must Close Saturday Records MCSR 3052]
2. La Gingold, Dolphin 7 (Hermione Gingold with Buster Davis, piano) [reissued on John Murray Anderson's Almanac And Other Broadway-London Revues, CD/DRG 19009]
3. Live At The Café De Paris, CD/Stage Door STAGE 9010 (Hermione Gingold with Clarry Ashton, piano)
4. The Shakespeare Revue, CD/TER CDTEM2 1237 (Susie Blake)

Unrecorded Material:

Arena (M: Edythe Baker)
Bicycling (sketch by Hermione Gingold) (originally used in SPREAD IT ABROAD)
Broadway Slave (sketch by Nina Warner Hooke and Edward Horan)
Coupons (sketch)
Day On The River (M/L: George Posford & Harold Purcell) (part of "Paddle-Boat Dream" sequence)
Do I Again (sketch?)
Europa (M: Geoffrey Wright; L: Nicholas Phipps)
Finale (M/L: Alan Melville and Jack Strachey)
If I Could Write A Hit Song (M/L: Adrian Foley, David Heneker)
Irish Scena, 1942 (M/L: Alan Melville and Jack Strachey)
Meet A Body (M/L: Alan Melville)
Mermaids (sketch by Alan Melville)
Mid-Day Star (sketch by Denis Waldock)
'Neath Tropic Skies (sketch by Dennis Waldock)
New Blue in Your Eyes (M/L: David Heneker and Gerald Bryant)
The Norwood Nightingale (M/L: George Posford and Harold Purcell)
Paddle-Boat Dream (prologue by Nina Warner Hooke)
Park Meeting (sketch by Nina Warner Hooke) (subsequently used in FROM A TO Z)
Period Pieces (M: Ronnie Hill; L: Peter Dion Titherage)
Regatta (M: Ronnie Hill; L: Peter Dion Titherage) (part of "Paddle-Boat Dream" sequence)
Russian Blackout (sketch)
Speak As You Read (M/L: Douglas Furber)
Strawberries and Cream (sketch?)
Which Way the Wind Blew (sketch? by Adrian Foley and Phil Park)