Composer: Leo Fall
Lyricist: Harry B. Smith

Opened: August 28, 1911, Knickerbocker Theatre, N.Y.C.
Performances: 116

I Want To Sing In Opera (M/L: Jerome Kern; M: Worton David; L: George Arthurs):

1. Jerome Kern: Lost Treasures, CD/Centaur CRC2371 (Anne Sciolla with Brian Kovach, piano)

Unrecorded Material:

Ancestors Bold
Blind Man’s Buff (sheet music only)
Bold Barons Of The Rhine (in vocal score only)
Confidential Source (M: Jerome Kern) (cut after opening)
Cupid The Conqueror (cut after opening)
The Donkey (And The Hay)
Farming Life-Country Life (sheet music only)
Finale (Act 1)
Finale (Act 2)
Finale (Act 3)
Follow Me Round (M: Leo Fall; L: Jerome Kern; Adrian Ross)
Good-Bye, Little Girls, Good-Bye (M/L: Donald Brian)
I Always Come Back To You (added for the subsequent tour)
Ladies! Ladies! (M: Egbert Van Alstyne; L: Herbert Thompson) (sheet music only)
Little Girls Beware (Of The Sirens) (aka “Beware Of The Sirens (So Fair)”) (M: Herbert Egbert Van Alstyne; L: Herbert Thompson)
Love Makes The World Go ‘Round (sheet music only)
Love Me To That Beautiful Tune (M: Nat D. Ayer; L: Harry Williams) (cut)
Maid From Montbijou (In The Valley Of Montbijou) (M: Jerome Kern; L: M.E. Rourke)
Mon Bijou (added for the subsequent tour)
My Heart I Cannot Give You  (M: Jerome Kern; L: Matthew Woodward) (not in programs)
Oh, Do Step The Two-Step (M: Howard Talbot) (added after opening)
On The Farm (added after opening)
Opening (Act 1)
Opening (Act 2)
Opening (Act 3)
The Polka Is Good Fun (not in programs)
The Postillion (sheet music only)
(Hail,) She Is The One Girl
The Siren’s Honeymoon (M/L: Donald Brian) (added for the subsequent tour)
Song Of The Sirens (ASCAP/Library Of Congress)
Wallflow’r (Sweet)
Waltz Caprice (Music Caressing Of Violins)
You’re Just A Perfect Peach Beyond My  Reach (M: Jerome Kern) (probably not used; previously used LA BELLE PAREE)