Composer: Joseph Rumshinsky
Lyricist: L. Wolfe Gilbert

Opened: September 10, 1931, Selwyn Theatre, N.Y.C.
Performances: 4

Hear, O Israel!:

1. Great Songs Of The Yiddish Stage, Vol. 3, CD/Naxos 8.559455 (Benzion Miller with the Vienna Chamber Orchestra conducted by Elli Jaffe) (as "Shma Yisro'el")

Unrecorded Material:

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The Fifth Commandment (M: Joseph Rumshinsky; Harry Lubin)
Finale (Act II)
I'm Wide Awake When I Dream (M: Harry Lubin)
In A Life Boat (M: Harry Lubin)
In Napoli (M: Harry Lubin)
Just Answer With A Kiss (M: Harry Lubin)
Kaddish (Hebrew Prayer)
One Galician Miss
Only Your Heart Can Tell (M: Harry Lubin)
Playing The Harpsichord (M: Harry Lubin)
Port Of The World (M: Harry Lubin)
Sholom Aleichem
A Vision Of The Future
What's In A Name? (M: Harry Lubin)
Yankele And Refkele (M: Harry Lubin)