SHOW GIRL (1961)

Composer: Charles Gaynor
Lyricist: Charles Gaynor
Sketches: Charles Gaynor

Opened: January 31, 1961, Eugene O'Neill Theatre, N.Y.C.
Performances: 100

Note: Only numbers not found on the original Broadway cast recording are noted below.

In Our Teeny Little Weeny Little Nest For Two (originally used in LEND AN EAR):

1. 78/Manor C-3 (George Bauer and Dorothea Freitag, pianos)
2. Memories Of The Roaring Twenties, Longines Symphonette (S) SYS-5100/5104 (Carol Channing) [reissued on Jazz Baby, CD/DRG 13112XP]

Report From Las Vegas ("You've Got To Take Your Clothes Off In Las Vegas") (sketch with song):

1. Carol Channing, Vanguard (S) VSD-2041 (Carol Channing with orchestra conducted by Robert Hunter, George Bauer and Sammy Goldstein) [reissued as 51 West (M) Q-16009]

Unrecorded Material:

The Foreign Star (Marlene Dietrich) (sketch)
Keeping Up With The Noahs (sketch)
Love Is A Sickness
Mr. Wally Griffin Spot (cut)
S. Eureka Presents (sketch)
Theatre Piece ("At The Lunt & Fontanne") (sketch with song)
Under The Influence (sketch) (cut)