(c. 1909 - August 10, 1980)

Major Engagements:

Palace Theatre, N.Y.C. (?)
Paramount Theatre, N.Y.C. (?)
Waldorf-Astoria, N.Y.C. (?)
The Merry Go Round, N.Y.C.  (1935)
Café Lounge, Savoy-Plaza Hotel, N.Y.C. (April - May 1937)
Rainbow Room, N.Y.C. (October - November 1937)
Billy Rose’s Casa Manana (October 1938)
Spivy’s, N.Y.C. (1940, 1948)
La Commedia, N.Y.C. (mid-1950s)

c. Late June 1940

78/Schirmer (12”) 5501 (Sheila Barrett with Sam Walsh, piano) (The Professional Southern Girl; The Chorus Girl)

78/Schirmer (12”) 5502 (Sheila Barrett with Sam Walsh, piano) (The Socialite Singer (You Go To My Head); Make Like Garbo)

July 1940

78/Schirmer (12” ) 5506 (Sheila Barrett with Sam Walsh, piano) (Mad About The Boy; Constructive Criticism)

Fall 1947

78/Gala 7001/7002 (Sheila Barrett with Vin Hall) (Victoria Station; The Professional Southern Belle (Doing A New York Nightclub For The First Time))
Note: Alternate takes denominated S-1 and S-2, respectively, of both songs exist.

78/Gala 7003S/7004S (Sheila Barrett with Vin Hall) (Death In The Afternoon (Daytime Radio); Night Club Menace)

78/Gala 7005S/7006S (Sheila Barrett with Vin Hall) (Sheila Barrett Hit Parade  (Bert Lahr, Tallulah Bankhead, W.C. Fields, Al Jolson); The Brooklyn-Continental Chanteuse (International And Over Here Too))