Composer: Charles Villiers Stanford
Lyricist: George H. Jessop

Opened: March 2, 1896, Opera Comique, London; January 5, 1897, Broadway Theatre, N.Y.C.
Performances: 82 (London); 56 (N.Y.C.)

Ochone, When I Used To Be Young!:

1. 78/G&T GC2-2567 (Joseph O’Mara with Landon Ronald, piano) Music From The New York Stage Vol. 1: 1890-1908, CD/Pearl GEMM CDS 9050-2


1. 78/HMV 2-0699 (Symphony Orchestra conducted by Charles Stanford) [also 78/HMV D192; reissued on Stanford: The Complete Recordings, Pearl (M) GEM 123; Creators’ Records, CD/Standing Room Only 818)]
2. Heritage And Legacy: Elar, His Forebears And Successors, CD/Classico 1301 (Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Douglas Bostock)

The Song Of The Banshee (not in programs):

1. 78/Pathe 579 (Muriel Terry)

Where Is The Man That Is Coming To Marry Me?:

1. 78/Pathe 5193 (Edith Kirkwood)

Other Material:

Come All Ye True Bred Irishmen
Come, Boys, Come
Darling, Darling
Ensemble And Melodrama
From The Moor, From The Hill
A Grave Yawns Cold
He’s As Straight As A Dart
I’ll Give Ye To Next Michaelmas
I’ve Sharpen’d The Sword The Sake Of Ould Erin
Is It Shamus You Seek?
It’s Bitter News
Let The Army Come On
Listen To Me Men (Finale)
My Heart Is In Thrall To Kitty’s Beauty
Peace Be With You
Push The Jug Around
So It’s Kisses You’re Craving
The Soldiers Are Safe
They’re Taking Him From The Jail
Walk, Girls, Walk
Well, He’d Take Me By The Hand
What The Devil Are You Doing