Composer: Steve Allen
Lyricist: Steve Allen

Opened: September 20, 1982, King Cole Room, St. Regis-Shearaton Hotel, N.Y.C.; March 17, 1983, The Horn, Santa Monica, CA
Performances: Unknown

Note: Since a complete song list for the New York productions is not known at this time, the songs listed below are from the West Coast version unless otherwise noted. A later incarnation of this show entitled SIDE BY SIDE BY SEYMOUR GLICK played the West End Theatre in New York City in 1998. See the entry for that show for additional songs not found in this production. Songs which also appeared in the 1998 production are noted with an asterisk. No attempt has been made to provide disclogical information for any song parodies.

*Carne Asada (originally used in THE AL CHEMIST SHOW):

1. Steve Allen on the Air, CD/Varese Sarabande 5703 (Steve Allen)
2. Hey, Ma!, CD/DRG 91408 (Kaye Ballard with orchestra conducted by Frank Ortega)

*This Could Be The Start Of Something Big (originally used in THE BACHELOR):

I have not attempted to provide discological information for this standard.

Three Mile Island:

1. Steve Allen on the Air, CD/Varese Sarabande 5703 (Steve Allen)

Unrecorded Material:

*Ah Choo
Bacon Slicer
Bedtime For Bonzo (sketch?)
*Call Me, But Not Collect
*(It Was) A Carnival In Rio
*Day And Night, I Am The One (presumably a parody of "Night And Day" by Cole Porter) (used in the 1982 St. Regis production)
*Flop Sweat
Fred [Smoot]'s French Horn Bit (sketch?)
Fred [Smoot]'s Opera Bit
*Guacamole Dip (also used in the1982 St. Regis production)
Here's To The Mafia
*(I Just Have to Take You Wherever I Go Because) I Can't Stand To Kiss You Goodbye
*If You Knew Sushi Like I Know Sushi (presumably a parody of "If You Knew Susie Like I Know Susie" by Joseph Meyer and Buddy DeSylva) (used in the 1982 St. Regis production)
I'm Into You (sketch?)
*(Let's Go To) Lake Louise And Banff
Okinawa, Iwo Jima and Lotte Lenya (used in the 1982 St. Regis production)
*On Golden Pond
Recession Blues
Self-Serve Island Girl
*(A) Sentimental Schmuck
*Song Of Holland (aka "Faggots And Dikes")
*(When They) Stop The Stopoon (presumably a parody to "Begin The Beguine" by Cole Porter)
That Gold Filling
*The Thing
The Things We Did Last Summer
*Typical Dull Dumb Opening Song