Composer: Various
Lyricist: Various

Opened: July 11, 1962, Downstairs At The Upstairs, N.Y.C.
Performances: ?

Auf Wiedersehen (M/L: Stan Daniels; Ray Jessel) (originally used in ON THE BRIGHTER SIDE):

1. On The Brighter Side, Decca (S) SKL 4134 (Stanley Baxter, David Kernan, Ronnie Barker, Bob Stevenson, and Victor Duret with musical direction by Colin Beaton) (as "Auf Widerseh'n")

The Story Of Alice (M: Jerry Bock; L: Larry Holofcener) (originally used in CATCH A STAR and JOY RIDE; subsequently used in NO SHOESTRINGS):

1. Danny Kaye, No label XTV 92557 (Danny Kaye with the Earl Brown Singers, The Clinger Sisters, and the Paul Weston Orchestra)
2. Blowin' In The Wind, Kapp (S) KS-3313 (The Chad Mitchell Trio) [reissued as CD/Folk Era 3133]
3. Minim 'Bili, Gallotone (M) GALP 1284 (Paul Tracey, Jeremy Taylor, Michel Martel, and Andrew Tracey) (as "Alice")
4. Keeping Company With Dinah, CD/Flare 214 (Dinah Shore)

This Is New York (M/L: Jack Holmes) (originally used in SEVEN COME ELEVEN (FIRST EDITION)):

1. Rehearsal demo, Private LP (Ruth Buzzi with Rick Besoyan at the piano)
2. Forgotten Broadway Vol. II, no label T102 (Ruth Buzzi); Publisher's tape (unknown female singer)

We Want You To Be The First To Know (M: Arthur Siegel; L: June Carroll) (originally used in NEW FACES OF 1962):

1. 45/Columbia 4-42334 (Carol Sloane) [reissued on Out Of The Blue, CD/Koch Jazz 7810]
2. New Faces Of 1962 (demo), Private LP (M) New Faces 1001 (Arthur Siegel, June Carroll, and unidentified others)
3. Arthur Siegel Sings Arthur Siegel, CD/Original Cast OC-9214 (Arthur Siegel, piano and voice) (as "I Want You To Be The First One To Know")
4. Arthur Siegel: Live At The Ballroom, CD/Original Cast OC9526 (Kaye Ballard with Arthur Siegel, piano)
5. Everybody Else Revisited, CD/Painted Smiles PSCD-146 (June Carroll, Arthur Siegel, and The Populaires)

Unrecorded Material:

After Burton, Who? (M: Arthur Siegel; L: Louis Botto)
Ave Maria (M/L: Jack Johnson)
Before And After (M/L: Jack Holmes)
Bring Out The Beast In Me (M/L: Lance Mulcahy)
Dr. Schweitzer (sketch by Woody Allen)
How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying (M: Arthur Siegel; L: Louis Botto)
Open Bright (M/L: John Meyer)
A Simple Tune (M/L: Jack Holmes)
Time For Another Affair (M: Thomas Wagner; L: Paul Rosner)
Tune To Take Away (M: Ronald Cass; L: Peter Myers)
We Miss Ike (M: Ronald Cass; L: Peter Myers)