Prints 101-123

101/101A  Winter Landscape [#1]             
                                         Personal Collection

102/102A  Winter Landscape [#2]              

103/103A  Winter Landscape [#3]               

                                                                                                                             Note:  These etchings were also used on Christmas cards.  Until copies of these prints turn up with their original folders, the assignment of plate numbers with
                                                               specific landscape designs is entirely arbitrary.                                                                                            

104-110  Reserved                                                                                                                          

111/111A  [Trees By Riverbank]                                     
                                                                   111 Personal Collection

112/112A  On New Year's Day                                                   
                                                                     112 Personal Collection
                                                                                  112A Courtesy of Artelino.com

113/113A  [Beached Boats]                                                
                                                                       113 Personal Collection 

114/114A  [Village Houses]                                               
                                                                       114 Personal Collection
                                                                                      114A Courtesy of the Ro Gallery

115/115A  [Landscape Seen Through Trees]                      
                                                                         115 Personal Collection 

116/116A  [Sailboat]                                                            
                                                                         116 Personal Collection

117/117A  [Terraced Hills]                                                  
                                                                         117 Personal Collection
                                                                                        117A Courtesy of the Ro Gallery

118/118A  [Tree]                                                                
                                                                        118 Personal Collection

119/119A  [Haystacks and Farmhouses]                           
                                                                       119 Personal Collection 

120/120A  [Two Sailboats and Moon]                               
                                                                       120 Personal Collection

121/121A  Burning Rice Straw                                          
                                                                      121 Personal Collection
                                                                                   121A Courtesy of Artelino.com

122/122A  [Tree on Mountainside]                                  
                                                                     122 Personal Collection

123/123A  [Man Pulling Sleigh]                                    
                                                                   123 Personal Collection

124-130  Reserved                                                                                                                        

Note: Nos.101-103 are 5.75" x 7-3/8"; Nos. 111-123 are 6-7/8" x 7-3/4".                                  
                                                                                Nos. 111-123 were also used on a 1954 Calendar.    The titles provided are purely descriptive.                                                                                

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