Composer: Arthur Schwartz
Lyricist: Howard Dietz

Opened: September 2, 1930, Royale Theatre, N.Y.C.
Performances: 63

Lucky Seven:

1. 78/Victor 22538 (Frank Luther with Leo Reisman and His Orchestra) [reissued on The Music Of Arthur Schwartz 1929-1934 Volume I, JJA (M) 19756]
2. 78/Brunswick 4918 (Jacques Renard and His Orchestra with vocal chorus)

Practicing Up On You (M: Phil Charig) (subsequently used in THREE'S A CROWD):

1. Everyone Else Revisited, Painted Smiles (S) PS-1374 (Arthur Siegel) [reissued as CD/Painted Smiles PSCD-146]

Sing Something Simple (M/L: Herman Hupfeld) (cut from ARTISTS AND MODELS (1930) and subsequently used in FOLLY TO BE WISE):

1. 78/HMV C2145 (New Mayfair Orchestra conducted by Ray Noble)
2. 78/Columbia 2299 D (Chester Hale with Fred Rich and His La Palina Orchestra with vocal refrain) [also 78/Perfect 15356]
3. 78/Regal 10140 (Ralph Haines with Fred Rich and His La Palina Orchestra) [also 78/Romeo 1448; 78/Oriole 2087]
4. 78/Diva 3206 G (Bill Coty with Hotel Pennsylvania Music) [also 78/Harmony 1206; 78/Odeon ONY 36134]
5. 78/Brunswick 4918 (Jacques Renard and His Orchestra with vocal chorus)
6. 78/Conqueror 7648 (Irving Kaufman with orchestra)
7. 78/Victor 26372 (Maxine Sullivan) [reissued on The Chronological Maxine Sullivan 1938-1941, CD/Classics 991]
8. 78/Victor 22547 (The Revelers)
9. 78/Victor 22538 (Frank Luther with Leo Reisman and His Orchestra) [reissued on The Early 30's: These Were Our Songs, CD/Reader's Digest Music 187]
10. 45/Coral EC 81167 (Larry Sonn and His Orchestra) [reissued on It's Sonn Again, CD/Montpellier 45]
11. Cool Fool, CD/Fresh Sound FSRCD 507 (Claude Williamson, piano, with Bud Shank and Three Trombones)
12. The Misty June Christy, CD/Blue Note 98452 (June Christy)
13. Improvisations On Keynote, CD/Mercury 830966 (Red Norvo)
14. Fine And Dandy, CD/Decca MVCJ-19233 (Debbie Reynolds)
15. Changing Patterns, CD/Montpellier 069 (Frank Comstock and His Orchestra)
16. Glen Gray And The Casa Loma Orchestra (1939), CD/Circle 36 (Glen Gray and the Casa Loma Orchestra)
17. Sing Something Simple, CD/Ebm (Hudson Shad)
Radio transcriptions performed by Louise Carlyle and Willard Young with the Music of Manhattan conducted by Norman Cloutier and by Gloria De Haven with novelty orchestra are also known to exist.

You're The Sunrise:

1. Alone Together, Monmouth (S) 6604/5 (Karen Morrow with music direction by Paul Trueblood)

Unrecorded Material:

Foolish Face
Good Clean Sport
I Like Her And She Speaks Well Of Me (M: Del Cleveland; L: Ted Fetter)
I Like Your Face
I Started On A Shoestring
Lonely Hearts' Ball (dropped during the run)
Mannequin (M: Johnny Green; L: Edward Heyman) (added during the run)
My Heart Begins To Thump! Thump! (M: Morgan Lewis; L: Ted Fetter)
My Intuition
New New York
Swing Your Tails
Tashamira (M: Will Irwin)
Tired Of Love (M: Del Cleaveland; L: Ted Fetter) (dropped during the run)
What A Case I've Got On You