Composer: Gilbert Bécaud
Lyricist: Julian More

Opened: October 1, 1987, Royale Theatre, N.Y.C.
Performances: 12

Note: Live performance recordings exist of regional tryouts and of the New York run.

Don't Make Me Laugh:

1. Composer Demo


1. DComposer Demo

House In Algiers:

1. Composer Demo (two renditions)
2. Nowadays, CD/Original Cast 9895 (Marcia Lewis with the Mark Hummel Quartet)

Is Me:

1. Composer Demo

Life Is Ahead Of Me:

1. Composer Demo

The Lion And The Lamb (unused):

1. Composer Demo

Live A Little:

1. Composer Demo

Looking After Ourselves (unused):

1. Composer Demo

Madame Roza (unused):

1. Ensemble, CD/Ariola 85792 (Gilbert Bécaud)
2. Spectacle De L'Olympia 97, CD/BMG/RCA 74321529542 (Gilber Bécaud)
3. Chante Broadway, CD/WH Records WH CD26/M7 848 (Annie Cordy)

Meet Me Halfway (unused):

1. Composer Demo

The World Belongs To Crazy People (unused; music retained for curtain call):

1. Composer Demo

Unrecorded Material:

Bouillabaise People (cut during regional tryout)
Bravo Bravo
Don't Even Think About Tomorrow (cut)
For A Muslim/For A Jew (not in program)
Get The Lady Undressed (not in program)
Go Death (unused)
Hamil's Birthday
Lady In A Red Gown (unused)
Lola's Ceremony
Max's Visit
Moon Like A Silver Window
N'Da's Letter (cut during regional tryout)
N'Da's Salespitch (aka "Salespitch") (cut during regional tryout)
Prologue (inst.)
Roza's Yiddish High (cut during regional tryout)
See You (not in program?)
Street Act (unused)
Sweet Seventeen
Tangobird (unused)
Yussef's Visit