Composer: George M. Cohan
Lyricist: George M. Cohan

Opened: December 25, 1923, Liberty Theatre, N.Y.C.
Performances: 97

Born And Bred In Brooklyn:

1. 78/Okeh 4882 (Sam Ash with orchestra)
2. 78/Okeh 4922 (Blue Diamond Dance Orchestra)
3. 78/Regal 9540 (Majestic Dance Orchestra)
4. 78/Victor 19091 (The Troubadours)

Let’s You And I Just Say Goodbye:

1. 78/Grey Gull 2110 (Arthur Fields with orchestra)
2. Steppin’ Around, CD/Stomp Off SOSCD 1415 (Dan Levinson)

The Ring To The Name Of Rosie:

1. Fresh Fruit From The Strawberry Street Singers, RCA Victor (S) LSP-4084 (The Strawberry Street Singers with orchestra conducted by Marty Manning)
2.  George M!, Columbia (S) KOL 6800 (Bernadette Peters, Danny Carroll, Harvey Evans, Scott Salmon, and Roland Young with orchestra conducted by Jay Blackton) [reissued as CD/Columbia CK 3200]
3. Songs From The Hit Musical George M!, Columbia (S) CS 9643 (The Banjo Barons, Chorus, and Orchestra conducted by Teo Macero)
4. Cohan – The Man Who Owns Broadway, Custom Fidelity (S) CFS-3625 Southern Gateway Chorus)
5. Vaude-Villities ’69: From Broadway To Berkeley Square, No label (S) 90612 (unknown performer)
6 . Living Voices Sing The Music From The Broadway Musical George M!, RCA Camden (S) CAS-2275 (Living Voices with orchestra conducted by Bob Armstrong)
7. The Yankee Doodle Tunes: Mickie Finn Plays George M., RCA Victor (S) DS-50041 (Mickie Finn)
8. Yankee Doodle Dandy, CD/Laserlight 15410 (George M. Cohan)
9. Crinoline Days, CD/Stomp Off SOSCD 1400 (Dan Levinson)
10. Initial Public Offering (I.P.O.), CD/Chairmen Of The Chord (Chairmen of the Chord)

When June Comes Along With A Song:

1. 78/Okeh 4882 (Chester Strong and Marcia A. Freer)
2. 78/Regal 9540 (Majestic Dance Orchestra)
3. 78/Grey Gull 2110 (Frank Kamplain, yodeling, with Arthur Fields and orchestra)
4. 78/Gennett 5183 (Bailey’s Lucky Seven)
5. 78/Brunswick 2435 (Gene Rodemich’s Orchestra) [reissued on 1923, CD/Starlight Records]
6. 78/Edison 50941 (Broadway Dance Orchestra)
7. 78/Victor 19091 (Billy Murray, whistling, with The Great White Way Orchestra)

Unrecorded Material:

All Night Long
The Arrival Of Society
The Arrival Of The Plot
At Madame Regay’s
Finale (Act 2)
In The Slums Of The Town
The Italian Whirlwind
Just Act Natural
Keep A-Countin’ Eight
Love Dreams
The Marathon Step
My Gang
(I) Never Met A Girl Like You
Nothing Like A Darned Good Cry
On A Holiday
Over The Bridge
The Plot Again
Poor Old World
The Servants’ Frolic (dance)
Something’s Happened To Rosie
Stage Society
Two Girls From The Chorus
Water Front Pastime (dance)
The Whip (dance)