Composer: Leslie Julian Jones
Lyricist: Leslie Julian Jones

Opened: December 7, 1941, Comedy Theatre, London
Performances: 144

How's About It (M/L: Manning Sherwin and Tommie Connor) (also used in RISE ABOVE IT (Second Edition)):

1. 78/Columbia FB2654 (Patricia Burke with orchestra conducted by Carroll Gibbons) [reissued on Lost West End Revues, CD/Stage Door STAGE 9058]

Music Talk (aka "Talk On Bucolosi's Music") (monologue by Hermione Gingold) (subsequently used in RISE ABOVE IT (Second Edition), SLINGS AND ARROWS, IT'S ABOUT TIME, STICKS AND STONES, and FROM A TO Z):

1. Live At The Café De Paris, CD/Stage Door STAGE 9010 (Hermione Gingold with Clarry Ashton, piano)

Unrecorded Material:

After The War ( L: Michael Marden)
Alice In Panto-Land (which includes In Panto-Land; The Giant's Rumba; and The Troubadour's Smash Hit (M: Misha Spoliansky; L: Leslie Julian Jones)
Another Letter From The Ministry
Bedtime Story (L: Alan Melville)
Bird Thou Never Wert (M: Jack Strachey; L: Harold Purcell)
Boliviana (also used in RISE ABOVE IT (First Edition)
Dummy (sketch by Alan Melville)
*Early One Morning (M/L: Traditional)
Front Door Steps (sketch by Nina Warner Hooke)
Galloping Gaily
Handing Over The Intruder
It's All Been Done Before
It's Lovely Anywhere (song cut by the Lord Chamberlain)
My Aunt!
No Charge To The Forces (M/L: Val Guest)
A Number For Hermione? (L: Alan Melville)
Off The Rails (L: Alan Melville)
Off With The Motley (sketch by Denis Waldock)
On Monday I Walk Out With A Soldier (song sung by Gingold in The Queeries sketch) (also used in RISE ABOVE IT (First Edition))
Please Let Me Give You My Autograph (sketch)
Rage Of Chelsea (sketch by Dennis Waldock) (also used in RISE ABOVE IT (First Edition))
Return Visit of "QUEERies" (complete change of programme)
Rise Above It (also used in RISE ABOVE IT (First Edition))
Splitting Hairs (sketch by Denis Waldock)
Tapestry Piece (sketch by Reginald Beckwith) (also used in RISE ABOVE IT (First Edition))
Two For To-Night
Wilfred Hyde-White bit with Virginia Winter; with Betty Karina, with Secretaries
Winter (M/L: Joan Stevenson) (also used in RISE ABOVE IT (First Edition))
Wouldje (M: Manning Sherwin; L: Val Guest)

*I have not attempted to compile discological information for this number.