Composer: Paul Denniker
Lyricist: Andy Razaf

Opened: 1934, Grand Terrace Café, Chicago, IL
Performances: Unknown

Note: A complete song list is not available at this time.

If You Can't Get Five Take Two (M/L: Joe Davis; Paul Denniker; Andy Razaf):

1. 78/Hot Shots 0298 (Hot Shots from Hollywood)
2. 78/Decca 5211 (Milton Brown and His Brownies) [reissued on The Complete Recordings Of The Father Of Western Swing 1932-1937, CD/Texas Rose 1]
3. 78/Decca 7149 (Georgia White) [reissued on Complete Recorded Works, Vol. 1: 1930-1936, CD/Document 5301]
4. 78/Bluebird B 6097 (Peggy Johnson and Her Orchestra)
5. A Little Spice, Davis (M) J D-101 (Faye Richmonde)
6. Heart's Delight, CD/Fallen Angle 03 (Finest Kind) (unverified)

Unrecorded Material:

No More Thrills
Show Me Your Qualifications