Composer: Various
Lyricist: Various

Opened: April 27, 1980, Biltmore Theatre, N.Y.C.
Performances: 7

Chase The Devil (M/L: Max Romeo):

1. Best Of Max Romeo, CD/Nocturne 108 (Max Romeo)
2. Stereoscopic, CD/No label 007 (Chameleon Project)
3. Soul Fire: An Introduction to Lee "Scratch" Perry, CD/Universal Island 39076 (Lee "Scatch" Perry)
4. Return From Planet Dub, CD/Collision-Cause 950019 (Doublestandart with Lee "Scratch" Perry and Ari Up)

Everything That Touches You (M/L: Michael Kamen):

1. New York Rock, ATCO (S) SD-7020 (Michael Kamen) [also 45/ATCO Records 45-6931]
2. Bless A Brand New Angel, CD/Sony 69336 (Benny Mardones)
3. Love, Life And Feelings, United Artists 605 (Shirley Bassey) [reissued on Nobody Does It Like Me/Love, Life And Feelings, CD/Beat Goes On 735]
4. No Regrets, CD/GTO 007 (The Walker Brothers with music conducted by Steve Grey) [reissued on CD/Columbia 983 276 2]
5. Streetlights, Warner Bros. 2818 (Bonnie Raitt) [reissued as CD/Warner Bros. 2-2818]
6. Tour de l'Europe, CD/BMG 258743 (Mireille Mathieu with music direction by Jean Claudric)

Unrecorded Material:

Banana, Banana, Banana (M/L: Michael Kamen; Ras Karbi)
Ethiopian Pageant (M/L: Michael Kamen)
Farmer (M/L: Max Romeo)
Flowers (M/L: Michael Kamen) (cut)
Gotta Take A Chance (M/L: Michael Kamen; Max Romeo)
Hey Man (M/L: Ras Karbi; Michael Kamen)
I And I (M/L: Kendrew Lascelles; Max Romeo)
Jamaica Is Waiting (M/L: Michael Kamen; Ras Karbi; Max Romeo)
Junkanoo (M: Michael Kamen) Market (M/L: Michael Kamen; Ras Karbi) (cut)
Mash Em Up (M/L: Michael Kamen; Ras Karbi; Kendrew Lascelles; Jackie Mittoo)
Mash Ethiopia (M/L: Michael Kamen; M: Ras Karbi; Kendrew Lascelles; Jackie Mittoo)
Mrs. Brown (M/L: Max Romeo; L: Stafford Harrison)
No Sinners In Jah Yard (M/L: Ras Karbi; Max Romeo)
Now I See It (M/L: Randy Bishop; Kendrew Lascelles)
Promised Land (M/L: Ras Karbi)
Rasta Roll Call (M/L; Ras Karbi)
Rastafari (M/L: Michael Kamen)
Reggae Music Got Soul (M/L: Jackie Mittoo)
Rise Tafari (M/L: Ras Karbi)
Rise Up Jah-Jah Children (M/L: Ras Karbi)
Roots Of The Tree (M/L: Ras Karbi; Kendrew Lascelles)
Silly Simon (M/L: Randy Bishop) (cut)
Star Of Zion (M/L: Michael Kamen)
Talkin' 'Bout Reggae (M/L: Stafford Harrison; Michael Kamen; Kendrew Lascelles; Jackie Mittoo)
Vision (M/L: Ras Karbi) (cut)