Composer: Jule Styne
Lyricist: Bob Merrill (as "Paul Stryker")

Opened: December 16, 1993, Gershwin Theatre, N.Y.C.
Performances: 5

A composer demos is said to exist, as well as at least one live performance recording.

Am I To Wish Her Love (same music as I! Yes Me! That's Who! from LOOK TO THE LILIES):

1. Look To the Lilies, Chappell (S) Z3RS-0017 (studio demo with Marc Allen Trujillo) ("I! Yes Me! That's Who!") [also found on Look To The Lilies/Pleasures And Palaces, Blue Pear BP (M) 1010; CD/Déjà vu 1010; The Songs of Jule Styne, Warner Bros. JS1/2 (erroneously attributed to Al Freeman, Jr.)]
2. Look To The Lilies, Chappell (S) Z3RS-0017 (studio demo with unidentified female singer)
3. Sing Lofty, Music For Pleasure (S) MFP 50342 (Don Estelle & Windsor Davies with the Mike Sammes Singers) ("I! Yes Me! That's Who!")
4. The Great American Composers: Sammy Cahn, CD/2C2 8165 (Tony Bennett) ("I! Yes Me! That's Who!")

Come Home (uses most of the melody of "The World Is Beautiful Today" from HAZEL FLAGG):

1. Hazel Flagg, RCA Victor (M) LOC-1010 (Helen Gallagher with orchestra conducted by Pembroke Davenport) ("The World Is Beautiful Today") [reissued as CD/Sepia 1035]
2. Let Me Entertain You, Decca DL4437 (Carol Burnett with orchestra directed by Harry Zimmerman) ("The World Is Beautiful Today") [reissued on Let Me Entertain You/Carol Burnett Sings, CD/Decca Broadway 012 159 402-2]

My Reason For Being:

1. 18 Interesting Songs From Unfortunate Shows, Take Home Tunes (S) THT-777 (Bobby Van with music conducted by Buster Davis)

Red Shoes Ballet (main theme is "The Practice Scherzo" with music from "Sunshine," both from GENTLEMEN PREFER BLONDES):

1. Celebrating Gypsy; Funny Girl; Gentlemen Prefer Blondes: A Tribute To Jule Styne, CD/BBC WMEU 0019-2 (BBC Big Band, BBC Concert Orchestra conducted by Don Pippin)

For a recording of "The Practice Sherzo" see:

1. Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, CD/Sony Broadway SK 48013 (orchestra conducted by Milton Rosenstock)

For recordings of "Sunshine" see:

1. 45/RCA Victor 47-3130 (Ray Dorey and Quartette with Larry Green and his Orchestra)
2. Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, Columbia ML 4290 (Yvonne Adair and Eric Brotherson with orchestra conducted by Milton Rosenstock) [reissued as CD/Sony Broadway SK 48013]
3. Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, CD/DRG 94762 (cast with music direction by Andrew Wilder) ("Sunshine Montage")
4. Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, EMI (S) CSD 1464 (Dora Bryan, Anne Hart and company with music direction by Alyn Ainsworth) (also CAS/TER (S) ZCTER 1059)
5. Lorelei, CD/MGM Verve MV-5097-OC (Singers with musical direction by Milton Rosenstock) ("Paris, Paris," a revised version of "Sunshine") [reissued on CD/Decca Broadway B0001407-02]

When It Happens To You:

1. Unsung Musicals II, CD/Varese Sarabande VSD-5564 (Lynne Wintersteller with music direction by Lanny Meyers)

Other Songs:

Along In The Light
The Audition; Be Somewhere
Corps De Ballet
Do Svedanya (L: Bob Merrill; Marsha Norman)
Home Again (L: Marsha Norman; not used; same music as "Come Home" and "The World Is Beautiful Today" from HAZEL FLAGG, recordings of which are noted above)
I'll Never Know (L: Marsha Norman; cut)
It's A Fairy Tale
It's Always Like The First Time (L: Marsha Norman; cut)
Miss Page
One And One Are Two (L: Marsha Norman; cut)
The Rag
The Red Shoes (L: Marsha Norman; cut)
Top Of The Sky
When It Happens To You (L: Marsha Norman; cut)
When You Dance For A King