Composer: Various
Lyricist: Various

Opened: September 17, 1959, Upstairs At The Downstairs, N.Y.C.
Performances: Unknown

Note: Only numbers not found on the original cast recording are noted below.

Charlie Chan (M/L: William Roy) (apparently added after opening; subsequently used in FOUR BELOW STRIKE BACK):

1. Four Below Strike Back, Offbeat (M) O-4017 (Nancy Dussault with Robert Colston and Paul Trueblood, pianos)
2. The Saturn Session, CD/No Label, no number (William Roy, piano and voice)

The Holy Man And The New Yorker (M: Harvey Schmidt; L: Tom Jones) (originally used in DEMI-DOZEN and later used in NEW YORK SCRAPBOOK and PORTFOLIO REVUE):

1. Demi-Dozen, Offbeat (M) O-4015 (Gerry Matthews with Stan Keen and Gordon Connell, plural pianos) [reissued on CD/Kritzerland KR 20033-2]

The Rochelle Hudson Tango (M: Claibe Richardson; L: Paul Rosner) (originally used in SON OF FOUR BELOW and SHOESTRING '57):

1. Shoestring '57, Offbeat (M) O-4012 (Dody Goodman and G. Wood with Dorothea Freitag and Liza Redfield, duo pianos, and Ralph Roberts, percussion) [reissued as Painted Smiles (M) PS-1362; CD/Painted Smiles PSCD-130]

Unrecorded Songs:

The Appian Way (M: Bud McCreery; L: Ronny Graham)
Bitter Vetch (sketch by Abe Goldsmith and Jerry Goldman)
Clandestine (M: Bob Kessler; L: Martin Charnin) (originally used in FALLOUT)