Composer: Stephen Sondheim
Lyricists: Stephen Sondheim; Josiah T.S. Horton

Opened: April 30, 1948, Adams Memorial Theatre, Williams College, MA
Performances: 4

Note: A live performance acetate of the original Williams College production is known to exist.

How Do I Know?:

1. Sondheim Sings Volume II: 1946-1960, CD/PS Classics PS-9533 (unidentified combo)
2. Studio recording (unidentified performer)

Phinney's Rainbow:

1. Studio recording (unidentified performer)

Still Got My Heart:

1. Studio recording (unidentified performer)

Unrecorded Material:

Alma Mater
Alumnum's Song
Ave Alumnum
Dance (dance)
The Dim Dinner
Dogma Nu
Dream Ballet
Faculty Song
Fumblington Girls' Song
Gwendolen and Yolanda
I Opened A Book
Opening Number
Professors' Reports
The Q-Ladies' Waltz
Strength Through Sex
Tap Dance (dance)
We're Gonna Have A Meeting