Composers: Ruby Jane Douglas; Frank Loesser; Hy Zaret; Arthur Altman
Lyricists: Ruby Jane Douglas; Frank Loesser; Hy Zaret; Arthur Altman

Opened: 1944
Performances: Unknown

First Class Private Mary Brown (M/L: Frank Loesser) (also used in ABOUT FACE!):

1. 78/WOR 1005 (Roy Williams with the Adrian Rollini Trio)
2. 78/Victor 20-1592 (Perry Como with mixed chorus) [reissued on Remember Pearl Harbor: Songs That Won the War, CD/Varese 066265]
3. 78/Hit 7099 (Paul Steele with Clyde Lucas and His Orchestra)
4. 78/V Disc 294 (Barry Wood with Al Goodman and His Orchestra)
5. Goodbye Dear, I'll Be Back In A Year, Glendale (S) GLS-6026 (Joey D'Auria, Martin Brother, and Bruce Steele)
6. Country Carnival Classics: A-2, CAS/Country Carnival CM1532 (Country Carnival Classics)
7. The Music And Sound Of World War II, CD/Sandy Hook CDSH 2100 (Little Jack Little)
A radio transcription performed by the Lawrence Welk Orchestra is also known to exist.

Unrecorded Material:

Come On, Honey
In Twenty-Five Words Or Less
Lost In A Cloud Of Blue
New-Style Bonnet
Poor Lonely M.P.
Something New Has Been Added
The WAC Hymn (M/L: Frank Loesser) (also used in WAC MUSICAL)