Composer: William Roy
Lyricist: William Roy

Opened: December 26, 1966, Stage 73, N.Y.C.
Performances: 32

The World Today:

1. Second Town Hall Concert, Atlantic (S) SD2-605 (Mabel Mercer with Buddy Barnes, piano) [reissued on Mabel Mercer And Bobby Short At Town Hall/Second Town Hall Concert, CD/Collectables 6839]

Other Songs:

The Diagnostician
The Grand Parade
The Great Unknown
How Doth The Apple Butterfly
I Am Going To Dance
Mrs. Brodie
The Penny Friend
She Makes You Think Of Home
Time We Were Dancing
Utterly Delicious
A Very Full And Productive Day
Who Am I, Who Are You, Who Are We?
Won't You Come To The Party