Composer: Hugo Felix
Lyricist: Anne Caldwell

Opened: May 5, 1924, Jolson Theatre, N.Y.C.; moved on May 19, 1924 to the Imperial Theatre
Performances: 32

Love’s Young Dream:

1. 78/Edison 51376 (Elizabeth Spencer and Charles Hart)

Unrecorded Material:

All Alone
A Dainty Nosegay
Door Mats
Finale Act I
The Gap In The Hedge
Haven’t We Met Before?
Her Bright Shawl
Hunt Ball Rehearsal
L’Heure Bleu Ballet (The Passing Of A Few Hours)
Lily Bell Polka
Love Is Like A Firefly
Moscow Belles
Peg O’ My Dreams
Rose In The Snow
Shy Little Irish Smile
There’s A Rainbow Waiting For You
Waltz (inst.)