Let's Misbehave (cut):

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28. Let's Misbehave, CD/Sharon Montgomery (Sharon Montgomery)
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34. Behind The Tool-Shed, CD/Kitten In Manville (Kitten In Manville)
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46. Out Of The Bag, CD/Snow Ho (Cat Coward)
47. Also Dances, CD/Too Tall 9859 (Laura Wolfe)
48. You Mean We Get Paid For This?, CD/The Juggernauts (The Juggernauts)
49. Fast & Louche, CD/Arse Deco (Top Shelf Jazz)
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51. Let's Misbehave, CD/LML Music 161 (Debbie Lesser)
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55. Let's Misbehave, CD/Explore Multimedia EM010 (Billy Dee Williams with the George Cory Ensemble)
56. Mad About The Boy, CD/Garret Mountain Records CDP 0911 (Jon Peterson)
57. Mad About The Boy, CD/Garret Mountain Records CDP 0911 (Lynelle Johnson, Richard Danley,and Clark Kinkade)