Composer: Noel Coward
Lyricist: Noel Coward

Opened: December 19, 1946, Theatre Royal, Drury Lane, London
Performances: 129

Note: Only recordings of songs not found on the JAY CD reissue of the London cast recordings are noted below.

Alice Is At It Again (originally "Sweet Alice…") (cut):

1. I'll See You Again, 10"/Philips BBR 8028 (Noel Coward with Wally Stott and His Orchestra and Norman Hackforth, piano) [reissued on Noel Coward And Harry Noble Sing Coward, CD/Must Close Saturday Records MCSR 3030]
2. Noel Coward At Las Vegas, Columbia (M) ML-5063 (Noel Coward with Peter Matz, piano, and Carlton Davis and His Orchestra) [also on 45/Columbia B-2096; reissued as CD/DRG 19037]
3. Let Me See You Smile, Erase (S) EO697 (Courtney Kenny)
4. Take Me To The World, CD/Original Cast 3056 (Simon Green)
5. A Changing World, CD/Reynolds Ensemble REYNOLDSCD02 (Simon Green with David Shrubsole, piano)

All My Life Ago (cut; later used in AFTER THE BALL):

1. After The Ball, Philips 33BBL-7005 (Mary Ellis with orchestra conducted by Philip Martell) [reissued on CD/Sepia 1043]

Gipsy Melody (originally written for but cut from OPERETTE):

1. 78/HMV B-8721 (Noel Coward with His Majesty's Theatre Orchestra conducted by Frank M. Collinson) [reissued on The Master's Voice: Noel Coward, CD/ Angel CDP 7 54919 2]

Unrecorded Material:

Birthday Toast (aka "Dear Friends, Forgive Me, Pray")
Come Back To The Island
Family Grace
If Only A Girl Could Be Sure (unused)
Make Way For Their Excellencies
The Party's Going With A Swing
Poor Lady In The Throes Of Love (added after opening)
Samoan Song (Ka Tahua)
This Is The Night
Ursuline (unused; later reworked as "Josephine" in ACE OF CLUBS)
Wait For Me (unused)