Composer: Clay A. Boland
Lyricist: S. Bickley Reichner

Opened: November 22, 1941, Mask & Wig Club, Erlanger Theatre, Philadelphia, PA
Performances: Unknown

Note: A radio transcription of at least a portion of the show performed by the Mask & Wig Club is known to exist.

Fifty Million Sweethearts Can’t Be Wrong:

1. 78/Victor 27617-A (Connie Haines with Tommy Dorsey and His Orchestra)

Men Of Pennsylvania (subsequently used in CHRIS CROSSES and JULEO AND ROMIET):

1. Chris Crosses, 78/Cosmo album DMR 2003 (Glenn Darwin and The Cosmo Male Choir with the Cosmo Theatre Orchestra conducted by Harry Sosnik)

Stars Over The School House:

1. 78/Columbia 36389 (Phil Brio with Eddy Duchin and His Orchestra) [reissued on Dancing With Duchin, CD/Collectables 7449]

That Solid Old Man Is Here Again:

1. 78/Okeh 6430 (Betty Bonny with Les Brown and His Orchestra) [reissued on The Best Of The Rare Les Brown & His Orchestra, CD/Collectrables 7467]
2. 78/Victor 27617-B (Connie Haines with Tommy Dorsey and His Orchestra)
3. 78/Bluebird 11343 (Butch Stone with Larry Clinton’s Bluebird Orchestra) [reissued on Feeling Like A Dream, CD/Hep HEPCD 1047]

Unrecorded Material:

A Drummin’ We Shall Go
How You Grow On Me
I’ve Got The Itch To Hitch
If I Were The King In Your Parlor
It’s Time To Say Goodbye Again
Out Of This World
Shadows (Bolero Bolando)
Two Little Hips And A Great Big Hurrah
Up We Go
The Waltz
You Got To Give If You Want To Get Love