Composer: Victor Herbert
Lyricist: Robert B. Smith

Opened: March 22, 1920
Performances: Closed out of town

Note: During the tryout the title of the show was changed to SOME COLONEL.

The Wooing Of The Violin:

1. 78/Columbia A 6165 (Prince’s Dance Orchestra)

Unrecorded Material:

At Last
Every Hour Away From You Is Sixty Minutes Lost
A Girl Who Can Love
The Girl Who Keeps You Waiting
He Wanted To Go And He Went
If I Saw Much Of You
If That’s Not Love What Do You Call It?
I’ll Be There (cut)
My Day Has Come (L: Irving Caesar)
The Night Time (cut; also cut from The GIRL IN THE SPOTLIGHT)
(Oui) Oui Madame
Over The Garden Wall
Play Me Something I Can Dance To
Such A Happy Family
The Table D’Hote Cabaret
When I Find My Romeo (cut)
When You And I Were Tadpoles
When You Know Me Better
Where Were You?